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Oct 7, 2006 07:24 PM

2006 Thanksgiving in Vegas

Hello all,
My husband and I are going to Vegas for Thanksgiving and meeting up with both sets of parents (who haven't met yet!).... I've been put in charge of finding a place for Thanksgiving dinner. As my husband and his family are Canadian, the meal doesn't have to be traditional, though it's certainly an option. There will be 6 of us. We like most foods (though the parents aren't much for sushi). Some place that is relaxed enough to make this special occasion comfortable would be bonus. And I think we are looking at a per meal price of less than $40. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. Your budget is on the low end for Vegas these days, especially if you are intending it to include cocktails and wine with the meal.

    Also, a number of restaurants will doubtless feature "special menus" that will be more costly, certainly more than $40/head.

    If the Commanders Palace lunch special (Desert Passage at Aladdin) were offered that day, make the latest possible reservation and enjoy a fabulous Creole-accented three course Thanksgiving Dinner at $19/person plus up to four 25-cent martinis each.

    If not, how about judicious ordering at Mon Ami Gabi ? Or same at Fix, Bellagio, good if you want a buzz of background noise to take care of any momentary gaps in the conversation.

    Just off-strip, there is that old-school Italian restaurant which includes unlimited wine - and I suspect might fit your budget. Some hound remind me of the name please !

    1. That would be Battista's, and I REALLY don't think of it as a place for a Thanksgiving dinner.

      How about Lawry's?

      1. Think about Rosemary's. It'll be a bit more, but is far more with the expense than most places on the Strip. It's about 7mi off the Strip but one of the best dining experiences to be had in the area.

        1. I would recommend the Canal Street Grill at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. They have a special Thanksgiving menu that has several choices including a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The meals include a cocktail, a choice of several main courses, a choice of a soup or salad, and one of a fer deserts and coffee or tea. It usually runs about $25 - $30 per person. A few days before Thanksgiving, they will post their Thanksgiving menu.

          1. thanks for the suggestions....keep 'em coming!
            as far as budget, we are flexible. i'm not even sure what is appropriate for this type of meal. i'd feel uncomfortable if we were as high as $100/pp though. i think we will definitely want wine, not cocktails.... and judicious ordering is always fine...quality over quantity. something with nice atmosphere...etc.
            thanks again!!