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Oct 7, 2006 06:52 PM

Picturesque New England town with a great restaurant?

Im looking to take motorcycle trip from manhattan to a picturesque New England town and of course it must have a great resaurant, preferably seafood. Ideally not more than 4-5 hours outside of Manhattan.

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  1. Shelburne Falls, MA is a great adorable New England town with a couple of great restaurants. Not really haute cuisine, but just solid good food. Also a great area for motorcycling. Not high in the seafood dining selections, however.

    1. Peterborough NH is in the Monadnock Region of western New Hampshire--the inspiration for Thornton Wilder's play "Our Town". There's a great seafood restaurant called "Pearl" in a strip mall just south of town. See this from Yankee mag:

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        actually you are thinking TEMPLE, NH that was the setting for Ourtown.

        I know this because as a child I was an extra in the town square.

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          From Wikipedia, in reference to Peterborough NH: "The town was the model for the play Our Town, written by Thornton Wilder while in residence at the MacDowell Colony."

      2. thank you these are both a big help I'll look in to them. If you have any other ideas for picturesque motorcycle excursions that includes good food... please let me know.

        1. Try the wilmington/West dover VT area. Lots of good restaurants, both high scale and medium scale. And Route 100 is a gret ride for bikers. Nice twists and turns etc.
          Check it out.

          1. egremont, ma ( the berkshires )

            john andrews
            egremont inn
            old mill
            swiss hutte
            elm court

            all great restaurants ( JA my fave )
            all in this tiny beautiful quaint NE town