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Oct 7, 2006 06:29 PM

clam chowder in sleepy little town?

I am taking a short motorcycle trip from Manhattan to New England. I dont have a destination yet, but would love to end up at a picturesque little New England town eating an amazing bowl of clam chowder. Any ideas? Would like the town to be no more than 3-4 hours from NYC, but would consider further.


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  1. I can't give a specific rec on chowder, but Mystic is pretty. You could probably find something good there or in Stonington up the road, search the board for reviews (I was at Anthony J's and had excellent small plates a couple years ago). People like Noah's and Bravo and I think there's a fish place in Mystic called Go Fish.

    1. Stonington is an obvious location but I don't know the restaurant scene there.

      Westport, Mass is 4 hours. The Back Eddy is an upscale harborfront seafood place with a very good clam & corn chowder. Westport Point is both little and picturesque. The back roads from Tiverton, RI along the coast through Sakonnet Point, Little Compton, Westport, and South Dartmouth are great on a motorcycle.

      1. I would second Westport. The Back Eddy is terific and the local area is still dominated by open space reaching to the ocean with pretty farms etc. viewed from motorcycle I can only imagine the beauty.

        1. The original comment has been removed