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Oct 7, 2006 06:12 PM

RW&B replacing FNBB in Park Slope?

My wife happened to walk by the Full Nose Big Body wine shop on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope this morning and came home to say that there is a sign there that now says Red White & Bubbly.

We certainly don't have anything against RW&B (outside of their high prices, at least in their store on Fifth Avenue), but we are sorry to see BNFB go. We were regular patrons when the original young couple who opened the store were proprietors. We found their successor, Pat, to be totally lacking in customer service skills, and even friendliness, so we quit spending our money there.

When the next owner purchased the store from Pat we sent him an email relating our history with the store and wishing him well. We never heard back so we decided not to bother (it's a bit of a walk for us, one which we were willing to make when the young couple owned the place but not since).

Now it appears that the place has changed hands again. Maybe the proprietor of RW&B will have more luck, or has more skill. It'll be interesing to see what he does with the place, especially since the original concept was for moderately priced wines.

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  1. I always liked the customer service at Shawn's and 7th Avenue Wine Stores. Their prices are reasonable. 7th Avenue also has a wine tasting Mon-Sat.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. BNFB is still owned by Aaron Hans and the sign still says BNFB - not sure what your wife saw, but I was just there today and all is fine. Aaron has done great things with the store (although I still miss the original owners) and they've got lots of good value wine at very competitive prices. From what I understand the store is flourishing and not about to change hands any time soon.

        1. I can't believe you think Red, White and Bubbly is pricey. I live off of 7th, much closer to Shaun, but go to RWB all the time for the great selection, service and prices -- we've had many good bottles of wine for under $10 there.

          1. I agree that RWB has a fabulous range of wines - great under $10 bottles and interesting special bottles as well. In general, we're very fortunate to have many good wine and liquor stores in the Slope and I would say that all of them have reasonably priced bottles.