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Oct 7, 2006 05:59 PM

Where to gyo for gyoza?

Came back from a two week trip to China and Japan craving, strangely, really gyood gyoza. Can anyone gyive gyood gyuidence?

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  1. cafe suehiro on 1st st in little tokyo has my favorite in town. you can get them as an appetizer or for just a couple dollars more, a meal complete w/ rice, miso and salad.

    1. The little ramen shop called Daikokuya in Little Tokyo on first street (look for the printable 10% off coupons) has excellent homemade gyoza (and of course fantastic ramen) with lovely seared, crispy edges but at 5 for $5 they are a bit pricey. The small place around the corner next to the playhouse and parking garage (called Tokyo Cafe, I believe) makes gyoza that are even better (and cheaper) at 6 for $4.00. Usually what we like to do is put our name on the waiting list at Daikokuya, then run around the corner to scarf down the gyoza at Tokyo Cafe. By the time we come back, our table is ready. Be aware though that Tokyo Cafe closes at 8pm (and is closed on Sunday) whereas Daikokuya is open until midnight or 1am depending on day.

      Mr Taster

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        Great minds think a like....and at the same time.

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          Great plan, MT. I love Daikoku but never tried Tokyo Cafe. And, welcome back, you've been missed.

        2. Couple doors down from Suehiro try the gyoza at Daikokuya a lot of CH's will vouch for their excellence .
          Also well known for their ramen.

          1. OK, so I know that Trader Joe's gyoza are not as good as the ones mentioned above, but they will do in a pinch. Hey, I'm lazy sometimes. That said, I learned today that the gyoza distributor they have been using has gone bankrupt. They are trying to find a new company, so I guess this means I may actually have to leave the house and not settle anymore.