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Oct 7, 2006 05:43 PM

Izu Peninsula: Where to Eat?

GF and I will be traveling to Toi, Shuzenji, and east coast of Izu, taking in the scenery & onsen. Any good eating tips?

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  1. I stayed overnight on the Izu coast last year, but didn't have enough time to explore much in the area, so I envy that you'll be travelling around Izu for a couple weeks. During my research last year, I think I remember reading that there are many wasabi growers around Shuzenji, and there was a ryokan that featured their courses around the local wasabi. I can't be certain, but I thought it was Shirakabeso Onsen that featured it, but I can't find it through their website:

    The Izu coast is beautiful, so if you haven't been, you'll appreciate the spectacular vista of the ocean off the cliffs. There are many fishing ports on the coast, so you'll find plenty of fresh local fish, especially at the ryokans. Aji seemed plentiful around there, and as we were hiking along the cliffs, I spoke to a local who was setting up with his fishing rod, and asked him what he catches. I'm blanking on the type of fish he told us, but I'll see if I can find out through my partner in crime. Here's a photo of the fisherman:

    This post is getting long despite giving little info, so I'll just post a couple of sites to check for restaurants and ryokans. In another post, I remember you saying that your GF is from Hamamatsu, so I'm assuming you won't have trouble reading some of these sites. I'm sure you'll have your share of unagi in Hamamatsu.

    Gurunavi Shizuoka (in Japanese):

    A good onsen/ryokan listing (in English):

    1. Thanks a lot. We already have ryokan reservations in Toi & Shuzenji. Had we relied only on English websites, we'd have been in trouble. Being from Oregon, I can definately appreciate rugged wild rocky coast. I read an article about a wasabi farmer. We'll look more into that angle.
      Correction: we'll be in Izu for three whole days.