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Oct 7, 2006 05:01 PM

I'm decidedly ignorant about Dim Sum...

But being that I am in the Bay Area, I would love to try some. What is the process for ordering? Is cart vs. counter even a debate? I'll eat chicken feet but I'd like to know what I'm eating before it goes down. If you all give me a quick run down on the ins and outs I will be more than happy to write about every bite! Thanks.

(I saw the lisitngs for the recommended spots. Just asking about etiquitte more than anything else.)

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  1. here's a link to a page about the dim sum experience - looks pretty good but there are several other alternatives when you Google "dim sum etiquette" - look forward to hearing about your dim sum experiences. Koi Palace for high end dim sum is worth the trouble ( long lines - unless you get there early enough to make the first seating ) In Oakland, the last lunch I had at Joy Luck was quite good and a good deal.

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      Gordon the Lifesaver...I'll let you know how it goes!

    2. There's a recent dim sum for novices topic on the General board:

      1. Here's an insider tip about finger tapping / tea pouring ----

        1. Mm, I love dim sum! I think the best way to try it is to just pick things that look good to you. Here in the DC area, they don't seat you at shared tables, but years ago in Boston, when we were seated at larger tables, my friends and I would pick what looked tasty and/or what everyone else at our table was eating. And even if you find something you don't like so much, one plate of it is only a few dollars, so there's not much risk. Depending on where you go or the time of day, you might find several appealing things all at once, or you might have a few lulls, but it's a great time to sit and chat with your friends, sip tea, and consider the other options as they go round in the carts. Enjoy! :)

          1. zameloy, in the bay area I highly recommend Joy Luck Place in Cupertino Village. I now live near L.A.'s de facto Chinatown, but the dim sum at Joy Luck Place trumps all the rest I've had down here.

            One important thing to keep in mind: gesture with your fist(i.e. when asking what a particular dish is or something). If you point, you bought it.