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Oct 7, 2006 04:31 PM

Dinner in New Paltz

Looking for an intersting dinner tonight in New Paltz...must have vegetarian options

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  1. There is an excellent fun seafood restaurant that I cannot remember the name of but it has live music. It's also a fish store. Ask around town I'm sure someone will point you to it.

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    1. re: Rockabye

      That's "Gadeleto's." Used to be great, I've heard from friends that it's gone SEVERELY downhill, different owner. Too bad if it's true.

      1. re: Lono37

        Gadaleto's did go downhill for a while. I just gave it second try after some time away. The old menu was back, with Urs from the Swiss Country Inn behind the stoves. I had surf and turf with a huge ribeye and australlian barramundi fillet. Keegan ales Mother Milk, I'll be back!

    2. There's a place called Beso. Very yummy but on the expensive side. Good, friendly service. Try to get reservations, the place is popular and if you don't have reservations you might get a bit of an attitude from the maitre'd. Enjoy.

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        I suspect the host you are referring to at Beso's HAS a bad attitude. He tried to serve my dining companion and I cocktails right before the first courses were brought to the table. Should anyone have to enjoy Roasted Stuffed All Natural Local NY Quail along with a tequila cocktail? Bad enough, we waited 15-20 minutes for the cocktails. The worse part was his attitude as he tried to justify the service. And this is on a week when SUNY New Paltz was closed, so there were only a handful of tables occupied.

        But now the good part-- the woman with the wooly hat who I suspect is the manager stepped right in and corrected the situation. The cockails were removed and replaced with ales which paired well with the food. And the food was absolutely delicious.