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Deluxe Diner Calgary?

Breakfast TV had a segment from the Deluxe Diner. The Eggs Benedict looked good. I think they had basil in the hollandaise. My husband loves Eggs Benny. Does anyone have any experience with this place?

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  1. IS this the place on Edmonton Trail? If it is, it is great. The hollandaise is always consistent. The potatoes are a bit too "herb"-y for my tastes, but they substitute them for roasted tomatoes for me withtout a fuss. Prepare yourself for a wait though. I am always confusing the names of these breakfast places so I may be wrong.

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      Yes, if it's Diner Deluxe that is being referred to, then it's on Edmonton Trail. Right next to the Urban Baker.

      The food is quite good, though sometimes the creativity goes a bit too far and the results are a bit less than spectacular. But alex is right, the lineups are crazy. Show up early or ready for the wait.

    2. Food is really quite good, and we always like the Egss Benny...

      If you go there, you might as well pick up something from the Urban Baker. On Fridays and Saturdays, they a Chocolate Cranberry Sourdough which is spectacular. For a real treat, make French Toast out of it, or get a nice blackberry jam to go with it. And the focaccia is first rate too...

      1. Thanks, we'll be trying this place soon and I'll report back.

        1. Its also a cool place for lunch/dinner. Alot of old-school stuff like meatloaf and tuna melts, all of which i find as good as the breakfast.

          1. My husband had lunch there (without me!) He ok's the eggs benny. We'll be back.

            1. Diner Deluxe has some cool atmosphere but the food is overrated. I skip the line and head down to Avenue Diner on 8th avenue when I’m in the mood for eggs Benedict.

              1. Thanks, I'll mention it to him but he doesn't work downtown any more.

                1. Speaking of Eggs Benedict, I have a horrible one at Siding Cafe the other day. What the heck happened to that place?

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                    Change in management, reno's, and a LARGE downhill slide into the gutter. Everyone i know who has been back since the reno has had the same terrible experience. A server i knew from there said all the staff quit. I would NOT recommend that place to anyone anymore.

                  2. So Siding isn't a Murrietta's resto anymore? What about Palette Coffeehouse?

                    This was one of the few places near the Epcor Centre where you could get a good, good-value dinner before a show. This sucks.

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                      No idea. I was just told new management. From a servers perspective, that could mean a new manager, a new shift leader, or a completely new group managing the restaurant.

                      If anyone finds out though, i'd like to know.

                    2. The Siding Cafe used to be a staple for us CPO people, (speaking of the Epcor Centre) it's really quite frustrating. At least there's still the Avenue Diner for lunch/brunch.