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Oct 7, 2006 01:47 PM

Quince- soft opening

All I can say is WOW- for those who knew Stork, Quince can only be described as bigger and better. You'll have to patient over the next little while during the soft opening- we waited a looooong time for our mains (apps came quickly), but it was well worth it.
The quail was my favorite main (stuffed with pistacho and apricot), the calamari & chorizo salad the best app (imho).

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  1. I was in Toronto last evening and had the good fortune of attending the opening of Quince with a friend. Food was great and atmosphere was very well done. Since it was a soft opening I am assuming the speed of service will improve, but no need to improve the food. Mike and Jen (from Stork on the Roof) have hit the nail on the head again. I too enjoyed the quail, presentation was excellent. I have my reservations when I'm back in town in Nov. already.

    Great Job

    1. Thanks for the head's up, nummanumma! I've been waiting for a while to hear about Quince's opening. Do you know if they're only doing dinners for the time being, or will they open for lunch as well?

        1. not sure about a website abbey- or about the lunches. I know the lunches are coming and i saw a wood-burning oven- interested to see how that'll come into play. I think i'm going again in two weeks- interesting to see how things will shape up.

          1. Went here for Dinner and it was great! I loved the small menu with Dutch and Portugese influence. The Kroket were among the best I've had in Canada and the lamb shank on chick pea puree was out of this world. I also had the butternut squash ravioli appetizer. YUM. Not one dish was over $20 and the wine list was short yet thorough. Will make the trip there again!!