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Oct 7, 2006 01:41 PM


Good morning Hounds, I just walked down 32nd St, and they are setting up a korean street fair...I don't know what the occassion is, or what they will have, as it's too early...just a heads up!! I will be checking it out later (I work around the corner, lucky me) and will report. If you are not familiar with K-town, the block refer to is 32nd St between Fifth Ave and Bway. Enjoy!

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  1. Ok, here is my report. This is just a single long block, and there is a lot of crap being sold, but there are several food stalls as well, selling grilled meats, spicy looking stews with rice cakes and I would guess fish cakes, mandoo (fried dumplings) and I'm sure other stuff as well. Two stalls had very long lines, so that is probably where the really good stuff it, but I had to get back to the office, so I settled for some mandoo (ok, not great, filling kind of tasteless) and a couple of grilled skewers, one shrimp and one beef. Chicken and pork (looked like sausage) also available. THe mandoo are 8/$6 (I talked them into a half portion, glad I did) and the skewers are 2/$5. They were just setting up the stage for a band that is about to go on. Also in attendance were some elderly vets (VFW? I don't know, but in uniform of some kind) holding instruments). Also amusing: A huge wad of green dough, on a board on the street, one man turning, the other pounding with a HUGE wooden mallet. No idea what the story is on that!

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        Haha! :)

        As I'm currently stuck in Chicago, this makes me crave Korean food more than ever...

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        I wasn't there but my friends stopped by. It's in commemoration of Chusok, which is the Korean harvest/thanksgiving holiday, and falls at the same time as Chinese moon cake festival. The green dough was probably for the traditional Chusok rice cake, which is made into small oblong shapes and filled with sweet bean or chestnut paste. I've never seen it made, but imagine that's what it was.

        The food at the last Korean street fair I went to was just okay, sort of like the food on 32nd St. in general. Good enough if you're homesick, but not necessarily representative of how good Korean food can be.

      3. I have probably not ever had really good korean food, but I love it anyway. Thanks for the explanation of the holiday and the green dough!! No, the food was not great, but good enough, and food at most street fairs is not great. IN fact I think the grilled beef and shrimp came from a stall from that buffet place that took over minado, so...