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Oct 7, 2006 12:45 PM

(Toronto) looking to buy dahl puri , where in toronto can i find it?

i know that if i were hard core i would just make my own dahl puri, but i'm not. i would like to be able to buy dahl puri roti (just the bread, no filling) somewhere.

anyone have any reccomendations of where i might do that?

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  1. Just about any roti shop will seel you just the wraps — Ghandi, Bacchus, Ali's, Vena's being just a few downtown. They're usually a buck a pop.

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    1. re: Herb

      Gandhi may not sell dhal puri since it is not a West Indian roti shop. Dhal puri is used in West Indian cooking and is totally different to East Indian roti which does not contain lentils. That being said, maybe try calling a West Indian grocery store in your area to ask?

    2. thanks for the tips. i'll do some calling.

      1. There is a roti place in the plaza on the NE corner of Victoria Park on Lawrence. I think they charge $1.50

        1. I know someone who makes the best dahl puri in Toronto than any shop in town.
          Minimum of 20 purchase required though.
          Ideal for small gatherings or larger.
          Let me know if you ever come back to this post.