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Oct 7, 2006 05:41 AM

del posto enoteca review

ate at the del posto enoteca last night after reading the rave reviews on ed levine's site. have to say, although it was very very good, for my money, babbo is much much better.

now for the happy recap:

first off, the space is stunning. you feel like you're in a castle foyer. the enoteca is to the left, closed off from the bar area by flowers and pots and stuff. you barely hear the noise from the bar which is nice. there are maybe 10-15 tables in all in the enoteca which gives it a small restaurant feel in such a big room.

the bread basket is great and i would suggest eating the warm focaccia first with a bit of the lardo. very porky taste but heavy. amazing but a theme for the night.

began by splitting the calamari fritto. huge pieces of calamari fried in a tempura like batter with hot peppers and capers in a butter sauce. this was very good, a delicious take on your standard fried calamari but the butter sauce clung to the bottom of the pieces and make the batter a little gloopy. still very tasty.

next we split the gnocchi with rabbit ragu. i love gnocchi and aside from the gnocchi i had in sorrento, i think the best i've had was at thor last winter. this was way too heavy and potato-y and the rabbit tasted like chicken and garlic. ive had rabbit and this wasnt the best presentation.

i then had the pork loin with a warm fig salad. the highlight of the evening. pork loin was unbelievably moist with a great rub on the outside. succulent and juicy. the salad was a great accompaniment. fiance had the chicken cacciatore. she ate it before i could try and she said it was great.

lastly we had the stracchietella and chocolate gelato. standard. nothing special. made my wish i was having the olive oil gelato at otto.

with the above and 2 glasses of wine (with the amazing server refilling my glass without charge), tax and tip, it came to $130. don't get me wrong, this was a great meal for a fairly reasonable price. but for a tad more you will have a transcendent meal at babbo. i feel like these dishes were a bit safe. fried calamari, pork loin, etc. maybe i chose wrong, but i felt the dishes were butter-heavy not terribly exciting albeit delicious . maybe the main dining room's food is different...

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  1. Thanks for the post, Jon. Sounds pretty good. I have been meaning to get there, but have not had a chance. Is there two seperate menus?

    1. What was the wait like for a table?

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      1. re: Lucia

        i made a reservation that morning so no wait (and we were a little late). tables started opening around 9:30-10 around us though.

        1. re: jon

          Thanks! I didn't know you could make reservations.

      2. I went after seeing the Ed Levine review as well.. Everything my bf got was excellent -- the ravioli with braised pork and a cauliflower sauce, the beef carpaccio and the turkey osso buco. My choices were good, but didn't compare to his at all. I think it's a great experience if you choose carefully.
        Here's what I wrote on the subject for my blog: