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Oct 7, 2006 05:40 AM

Cost Plus World Market - What's the Best Coffee?

What's the best coffee offered by Cost Plus World Market? Whole Bean, Ground, Decaf.

Please post!

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  1. Of the Cost Plus brand? Can't answer that, I've never been swooned by the samples. I believe the best coffee they offer at the store is Illy. Roasty and well balanced.

    1. They used to sell 2 lb bags of peaberry coffee - from Kaiwi I believed. The small uniform beans work well in a hand grinder. But now I usually get my coffee from Trader Joes, so can't say much about the current selection.

      I just got a couple of dented cans of Illy from a another shop, and will agree that it is a good coffee - if you like it dark and finely ground. It's too expensive for regular purchase.


      1. paulj--
        What coffee do you buy at Trader Joe's? I have trouble finding coffee I like there....though I love their prices.

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          My staple is the Italian D'Aquino preground espresso. Its aroma is some what different from the Illy, but I can't say I prefer one over the other. I brew both with paper filters.

          Of late I've also been buying their Tanzania Peaberry, in part because it is a good coffee for hand grinding. But the roast ('medium dark') and body also suits my taste. They have an Italian roast decaf that is ok.

          But my coffee tastes are not sophisticated. If I can brew a strong mug without the bitterness that requires tempering with milk, I am satisfied.


        2. LaVazza espresso at Cost Plus. I find it makes a richer, more aromatic espresso than Illy (using a stove top maker). For regular coffee, I stick to a local custom roaster.

          1. I don't know what to say about Cost Plus. I think that the best coffee on the market is Javaberry now. It is well-balanced, very smooth and has individual familiar taste.