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Oct 7, 2006 05:33 AM

fill me in on MY SECRET RECIPE

i always drive by the one on thrid st. and just saw another location on redondo beach blvd. in gardena. is it better to go with a big group? and what MUST i order? fill me in with every info you have! TIA

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  1. Here's the link to a review I did about a year ago. I haven't been in about 6 mos. but last time I went it was still great.

    1. It's fine for a couple or a larger group. There isn't any MUST order:options are fairly limited. You have your choice of squid or octopus plus/minus beef or pork. You don't much in the way of sides (banchan) as there would be in other korean resturants. The stirfry is great but even better after they add the rice and turn it into deliciously spicy fried rice. Plenty of food. If you go alone, get the hot stone pot rice with octopus for the same flavor on a smaller scale. The staff is friendly and can speak English for the most part