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Oct 7, 2006 05:28 AM


Wee one's 8th Birthday is on Thursday - for her celebration requested Jambalaya. Any suggestions? Thanks 'hounds!

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  1. Honestly, I've never found one in the Bay Area to compare with what one can (could?) get in New Orleans. I typically make my own, using Paul Prudhomme's recipe rather than put up with the jambalayas around here. I'm still trying to try Jonathan's in Menlo Park, so I can't get say how that's going to turn out, but I was really disappointed with the one from the Gingerbread House in Oakland. Just so lacking in depth and character. I've had better from Popeye's Fried Chicken!

    1. The jambalaya at Andrew Jaeger's is good. It's a branch of a New Orleans place.

      1. It was on the menu at Chenery Park in SF a week ago, but I haven't tried it.

        1. Angeline's Louisiana Restaurant in Berkeley - solid.

          Poor House Bistro in downtown SJ, near the HP Pavilion - supposed to be good, or so my friends down there have told me.

          Both places have a cool New Orleans feel too...PHB even has a porch. Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, could be good choices.

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            PHB was disappointing, with a very ordinary jambalaya. The muffaletta is a more interesting choice.

            1. re: Peter Yee

              Totally agree re PHB - we were underwhelmed...

            2. re: Agent 510

              Solid? As in solidly salty? I had the jambalaya at Angeline's on Saturday and it was unrelentingly salty. Andrew (my son) and I were shocked at how much water we had to consume in order to eat just a half of it. The andouille was salty to start with and the sauce seemed to have been salted beyond that.


            3. Maybe PJ's Oysterbed on Irving in SF Sunset -- festive atmosphere and fun vibe. Call re jambalaya availability on Thurs. Have fun, B-day Girl!