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Oct 7, 2006 05:13 AM

Where to get a good Hot Pastrami sandwich in the Foothills?

I tried the Beachhut Deli but....any other suggestions?

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  1. I love a good hot pastrami sandwich, so I look forward to seeing the responses to your question.

    And since California's a big place, I'm uncertain (and perhaps others are, too) which "foothills" you're referring to. A little help in that department would be appreciated.

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      1. re: alanstotle

        Is there a Mr. Pickles close by? I love theirs on dutch crunch!

      2. if Northern Ca, try Katrina's in Auburn, on 49 a block north of 80.

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          1. The greater Auburn area is pretty uninspired white breadland with pastrami and corned beef outings being uniformly and totally disappointing. Save your money and time. If you're still into a pastrami sandwich drive down to Sam's Kosher deli in Fair Oaks.

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            1. re: Pilot Hill Pete

              Pretty sure Katrina's has the best atmosphere, best portions, and most amazing tasting food around! And their hot pastrami is no different... lean as far as pastrami goes, piled high, crisp sourdough, large fresh french fries... Mmmmm! Try adding some cooked red onions to it!!

            2. And Beach Hut's cold pastrami with bacon, cream cheese, avacado, and sprouts is tough to beat anywhere...

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              1. ...Langer's, Katz', Carnegie, 2nd Ave... We got nuthin here in NorCal!

                I once had a $120.00 pastrami shipped up from Langers. Nothing like it. I once had Katz' on a Sunday, and Langer's on a Monday. Langer's won.

                1. re: Mr Conlin

                  My favorite Bay Area delicatessen is Saul's Restaurant & Deli in Berkeley, a block north of Chez Panisse. It isn't a NY-style, but it's very good and certainly the best kosher-style deli in the east bay, and probably the entire bay area. Try it.

                  1. re: nileg

                    I've been there. The chicken liver salad is very good. The white fish is very good as well. I'm not too sure what is made in house, and what is brought in.

                    Didn't care too much for the pastrami.

                  2. re: Mr Conlin

                    When eating high quality pastrami, what is the standard mustard to use? Is it normally served on dark or light rye?

                    1. re: switzerok

                      The rye should be light, and the crust should be crunchy. Langer's crust is wonderful, the crust is crisp. I think it is the baking/steaming process that does it, but I am not a baker.

                      The mustard is deli mustard. Not yellow, not coarse-ground, not dijon.

                      Here's a link to a great Langer's Thread, so we don't hijack this one.