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Oct 7, 2006 04:32 AM

Great lunch near Honolulu Airport

We have a four hour layover at Honolulu airport. We are willing to take a cab for an outstanding lunch (any price range) with a view and sitting in the sun. Any suggestions?

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  1. Budget choice is Nico's at Pier 38. It's just minutes from the airport and is right on the working docks next to the fish market so you get a cool view of the working harbor, fishing boats, etc. Seafood is the speciality though they have other excellent choices.

    Depending on what time you get in you might be able to pull off a trip to Ala Moana Center where you can dine on the lanai at Mariposa in Neiman Marcus.

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      I would agree with Yoshio on Nico's, especially if you want a view and to sit outside. It is on the Airport side of Downtown, so traffic won't be as much of an issue. Ala Moana and Waikiki would be pushing it depending on the time of day. Heavy afternoon traffic can begin as early as 3pm, especially on a Friday.

      1. re: Yoshio

        With only four hours, I'd definitely take Yoshio's rec.. Wife's ahi was great. My mahi-mahi "fish & chips," not so great. I should have ordered the ahi, like my wire - it was as good as I've had in many high-end restaurants. The price is right. The counter service is quick and fun. Do not plan on a wine list - while they have a "red," or a "white," you'll get plastic cups and a twist-off cap on a tiny "airplane-sized" bottle of ?

        Still, it's a quick trip and good food. Four hours used to get you to Alan Wong's or Indigo, but not any more.

        Fly safely,


      2. Tiki's at the end of Waikiki before the zoo is delicious and has an awesome view overlooking the ocean.

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