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Oct 7, 2006 03:51 AM

Good BBQ around Columbia, SC?

I'm going to be travelling through Columbia and was thinking of sampling some 'cue. Where should I check out. I've heard very mixed things about Maurice's. I think there's a place called Shealey's that has received some positive word. Any tips would be appreciated.

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  1. I avoid Maurice's.

    Shealy's is a few miles west of town in Batesburg-Leesville. Their chicken is better than their 'que, but it's all pretty good.

    Consider Little Pig's on Alpine Road. I like it. Also Boar's Nest off I-26 near Irmo. Or Hudson's Smokehouse on 378 toward Lexington.

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    1. re: Ellen of SC

      I second Boar's Nest and Hudsons. But Little Pig's on Alpine Rd. is so much closer to your route and par to the prior mentioned.

    2. Hi albini!

      What day(s) of the week will you be traveling and what road(s)? The best BBQ in SC will not be found in Columbia and will generally be available Thursday-Saturday. If you are in Columbia on Friday or Saturday I would suggest you drop by Hite's, on Dreher Rd. in West Columbia. They slow cook whole hogs over wood coals. Ask for a pound or two of "rib cut". You will not be disappointed, I promise. It's by far the best I've had in the area. Hite's is take out only.

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        I'm going to be going through town this Monday and Friday, just passing through, going between Charlotte and Charleston, but I'm willing to make a bit of a detour for some good grub. On the Friday I'll definitely stop by Hite's for takeout. I'll be heading to Statesville, NC, that day - about 45 min. north of Charlotte. Hopefully it'll still be good by the time I arrive (I'm sure it will).

        I'm also going to start another thread for good bbq along the route, not just Columbia.

        Thanks for the tips.

        1. re: albini

          albini, just make sure you ask for rib cut, not ribs. Also tell them you want all "flat meat", no loin, and you'll be golden.

          1. re: Cpt Wafer

            Yes, go with Hite's as was suggested. And the rib cut is mighty good - I am craving it right now. Bring a cooler and you'll be fine on the way to Statesville. Little Pig's is also one of my favorites. Another good place for next time is Farm Boy's in Chapin (off I-26) - they have mustard and vinegar/pepper based.

      2. Little Pig gets a vote from me. Buffet for $8.95 but most of the sides are not too great. Go for the greens and hush puppies. Pulled pork and chicken were good but the half of whole hog to pick from was outstanding.

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        1. re: Wineman

          Yep! That's the ticket - the picking pig over to one side of the main buffet. Mmmm.

        2. Here's one place you might choose to skip: Po Pigs on Knox Abbott Drive. Though I've always known their pork is roasted-not-smoked, I have eaten there on occasion because of decent prices, moist pork, and very good fried chicken.

          Last night's visit, however, was dismal. The buffet wasn't being replenished at all. I picked many pieces of fat from the pork. Bread was stale. The hushpuppies were strangely spicy. (?!?) And service left a lot to be desired.

          I should have known not to enter at all - When stepping from the car my foot landed in a nasty deposit of chewing tobacco. ***shudder***

          Here's hoping the management will get it together...

          1. Hi!

            I lived in Columbia for a short time for work.

            I have two faves for BBQ.

            Millenders in West Columbia is the best for your mustard based sauce. The best night to go is Thursday as they roast and pick the pigs that day. I've spent many a evening with the ladies there helping pick pig. The mustard sauce is great, the fried chicken is great, the sides are good, the people who own it and work there are the salt of the earth.

            I also liked a place out by the airport called grrrrrrr, I can't think of it right now! Their sides are VERY good and include home-made potatoe chips which alone are worth the price of admission. Their pork is awesome and they have not only the SC mustard based sauce but also a tangy red sauce, ah, yes the name is Dukes.

            Millenders is open Thursday- Saturday and Dukes is Friday and Saturday only if memory serves.

            Please let us know where you end up!!!!

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              1. re: Ellen of SC

                Oh...I am sad to hear that. Can you please tell me when they closed? Does it look like hey've sold the property?