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Oct 7, 2006 03:49 AM

Gemelli Moody st. Waltham, any recs?

Walked by Gemelli's on Moody st Friday night. We went in but couldn't pull the trigger on staying. We took a menu and it looks standard red sauce with some interesting twists and pizza. People exiting were carrying doggy bags and stated all the food was good. Anyone been there? Any recs? Thanks

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  1. I thought I knew all the Moody St spots, but not this one. Google tells me it's on the site of the late lamented Ritcey's, a really old-school fried seafood place that dated to the 40s and looked it, right down to the waitresses' hairdos. The restaurant replaced a fish market from the same family that dated to the teens. The teens!

    I loved Ritcey's: they did fried fish in two-, four-, and six-fillet sizes (you'd have to be hungry to finish the two-fillet job), with fairly greaseless deep frying, no pretense, and popular prices: my last two-fillet lunch with a mound of fries and cole slaw was $7, I think. I wish I could say I'd been going there for 20 years, but I only discovered it during a recent stint working for a Waltham-headquartered company, and only got there for half a dozen lunches before it closed.

    Big shoes to fill there, Gemelli's.

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      Yes, Ritcey's was a fun place to go when you wanted fried seafood. We had been going there on and off for twenty years and it was always what you wanted or expected. There's something to be said for reliability. We were sad to see it go. However, time marches on. I think I'll try lunch first at Gemelli's then venture into night time foraging.

    2. I never understood why people always described Ritcey’s as a “FRIED SEAFOOD” restaurant. They certainly had a large selection of Fried food but the also always had Broiled and Baked fish. Their Baked Stuffed Shrimp was one of my favorite dishes. What made Ritcey’s really special wasn’t necessarily the fish but rather the sides. House made onion rings, fresh cut fries, great cold slaw and house made tarter sauce. They fish and clam chowder were also great. The fish was excellent, but it was really the sides that set them apart.

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        Absolutely right Paul. They had all that stuff and I did enjoy the sides as well as the broiled seafood.

      2. I went to Gemelli's on a Friday a few weeks ago- I live around the corner. It's a nice family place, lots of kids. Good italian menu, but no liquor license yet. Good prices, good food, I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I wonder if this is the same Gemelli's that closed in Arlington Center a few months ago. Did they move on? It was never the talk of the town, but we have some stiff competition here. Interesting that they moved to Waltham, which I think of as similar to Arlington's restaurant scene, but a little more urban.

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              The Gemelli's in Arlington Center hasn't closed or changed ownership, but it did change names - it's now called "Gemma". They have a new sign outside and new menus inside, but apparently it's exactly the same - think they had a sign inside that said so.
              I work right next door at Isis Maternity one day a week and often get the chicken pesto panini for lunch from Gemelli/Gemma's - it's pretty tasty. Their pizzas are quite good as well.

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                So last time we were in what is now called Gemmas, the young woman behind the counter intimated that there was an ownership split, something that was slightly less than amicable. The Gemelli name went with the owner who split, and these folks were obliged to change to Gemmas, but were able to retain the menu in total. I used to really like Gemellis for a quick and easy chix/eggplant parm over pasta dinner (feeds 2!), but I feel like it's gone downhill since the name change. Allowing for the fact that I could have encountered them on a very off evening, I was extremely irritated the night that we did take out, and got the wrong order from them 3 times (and had to drive back there to exchange it -- don't ask why the husband did't check the order the 2nd time before taking it home, it's a mystery). Anyhow, they were baffled by their own mistakes and how to make it right. It felt like a management problem (or a combo management/communication with the kitchen problem) -- the kind of problems you get with a new restaurant. So, I'm inclined to believe the ownership split story. Anyhow, it'll probably be a while before we try it again, which is a shame, since Gemellis was a pretty good standby on the nights no one felt like cooking.