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Oct 7, 2006 03:13 AM

Greek in Tokyo?

It seems that every country's cuisine is well represented in Tokyo ... with the exception of Greece.

I know plenty of good Middle-Eastern places, which will satisfy my cravings to a degree, but I really do long for gyro wraps.

A year ago I found a new place in Harajuku (can't remember the name; on a side street; 3rd floor) but it was sub-standard. Small portions and not very authentic.

I've also heard bad things about The Agean Sea in Shibuya, so I've avoided it.

Has anyone found good Greek food in Tokyo?

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  1. The place in Shibuya was an absolute rip-off and the food was no good. Yokohama has a bunch- generally in the Kannai area. See- I've been to a place called Mykonos a long, long time ago, where the Japanese chef had lived and trained in Greece. But I don't remember being impressed with the food. This is a cuisine that's not represented well in the Metropolis.

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      Then again, my on-the-ground intelligence has proven to be out of date, so maybe something has popped up in the last year...

    2. Sparta, near Kannai Station, is pretty decent, and better than anything up in Tokyo. They've been around since 1953.