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Oct 7, 2006 02:51 AM

Fun Food in the Okanagan (Vernon) Area in October

We have a little off-season holiday planned. Any places we HAVE to eat? Wineries that MUST be be visitied? We will have young kids with us and sometimes we will cater to their needs and sometimes we will just drag them along....

Thanks so much.

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  1. In Vernon itself there really aren't any must see wineries.

    I can however, recommend the Eclectic Med for a great meal in Vernon. People in Kelowna often make the 45 minute drive out for dinner, especially their lamb dishes. Can't really comment on kid-friendliness, never have seen any there

    Heading south from Vernon, there is Gray Monk and Arrowleaf Wineries in Winfield. There is also the Greek House (IMHO, THE BEST Greek food in BC. Period.) Kid-friendly as well.

    In Kelowna, if you are headed there, many more choices are avaialble. My favorite winery is CedarCreek, and my fave restaurant is Waterfront Wines