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Oct 7, 2006 02:06 AM

Daily Grill: Leave Well Enough Alone! [moved from L.A. board]

I used to love the Daily Grill chain. I still do but it's getting harder. Every time I find something on their menu that I love, they get rid of it. The turkey meat loaf and the roast turkey were both recent casualties.

I go to several Daily Grills. I go to the one at Laurel Canyon and Ventura. I go to the one in Santa Monica. I go to the one out in the Airport Hilton in Burbank. I go to the one in Brentwood. I used to go to the one at the Beverly Connection but I stopped when they tore it down.

And at every one, I get there and find out that my favorite menu item has disappeared.

I may not be the only customer who feels this way. Every time, I complain to the server and to the host and sometimes even to the manager if he or she is around. Every time, the person says to me, "I don't know why they got rid of that. Everyone loves it. I even miss it."

So either all the employees I've talked to are lying or a lot of customers feel the way I do.

The latest unfortunate menu change isn't to eliminate an item but to ruin it. Daily Grill used to serve the perfect mashed potatoes. They were whipped just right with some sort of cream or sour cream in them. I don't know what they did but they were heavenly.

Well, now they've gone and wrecked the best thing they served.

For the last few months, the potatoes have had pieces of skin in them. They've stopped peeling the potatoes so they're no longer smooth and creamy and rich. They're full of little pieces of skin that shouldn't be there.

Again, I'm not the only person who feels like this. In three of the above Daily Grills in the last month, I've complained about this and every time, the staff tells me, "Yes, you're right. Nobody likes it this way but the front office wanted it changed."

Hey, Daily Grill! Wise up! Put the potatoes back the way they were! And while you're at it, get the turkey meatloaf back on the menu and bring back the chicken hash. Thank you.

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  1. Your quote from the Staff of "..Yes, you're right. Nobody likes it this way but the front office wanted it changed." Reminds me of an earlier thread on how do you define when a group of restaurants becomes a "chain"? The best answer, to me anyway, was when it started to be run by the Accountants!

    I guess the Daily Grill is a real chain now.

    1. I have liked the Daily Grill which reminds me of a good moderate San Francisco restaurant, although prices seem to be creeping up slightly. Their chicken pot pie was awesome. I had very good Cobb Salad and a fine steak there. The bread was always good. So if you have a complaint, write a short email to the management and let them know; their email is...

      I always find, optimist that I am, that a letter or email to a place can often get through and help the owners or management to understand what we as consumers think or feel about their offering. I've mainly been to the location in Irvine, CA.

      1. The Daily Grill in downtown DC is just ridiculous. Standard steak-and-burger fare, except with outrageous prices. I guess the tourists and K Street lobby crowd keep them in business, but I don't get it myself. Can't seem to keep a good bartender either. Ordered a wet martini and they sent something with hardly any vermouth. And it's not like you go there to see and be seen among the "beautiful" people there, because everyone I've seen there is ugly.

        Can't imagine them getting much worse but I suppose it's always possible.

        1. We used to order lunch from the downtown LA Daily Grill for our in-office meetings, but have cut down quite a bit in favor of Engine Co No 28, McCormick & Shmicks and others.