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Oct 7, 2006 01:47 AM

Pinkberry Opens on 6th/Berendo in K-Town

Just noticed that the recently oh-so-popular Pinkberry just opened a new location a block from me in K-town. Anyone try this location yet?

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  1. I just tried it. It's a very hip space. I hadn't had the yogurt before. It was good, tangy, sort of like frozen yogurt I've had in Mexico as opposed to the sweet faux-ice cream American vareity.

    Maybe I'm just not enough of a frozen yogurt fan, but I can't say I see the reason for all the hype and mania.

    1. Does anyone know how late it stays open?

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      1. Yes I went to the K-Town location about a week ago. This is their corporate location. It is larger than most locations will be. I had to find parking on the street but it wasn't that hard to find.

        I also noticed that they were pretty good about the serving size. The previous one that I went to had skillfully made a nice serving but it was hallow in the middle.. the k-town location was better about not doing that. One of the guys there was from the West Hollywood location.

        I liked this locatation way better than the Melrose location.

        1. i just found out a pinkberry's is opening in the farmers market on third and fairfax, next to singapore's banana leaf. there is a fruit stand currently there which supplies the fruit to pinkberry. now that fruit stand is merging with it's other location in the front of the market and pinkberry is taking it's place.

          1. Dost anyone thing this place is overexpanding. I feel like there's not a neighborhood in central LA that doesn't have a "Pinkberry coming soon" sign. I mean, did Starbucks buy them out or what?

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              I was actually just started compiling a list of the pinkberry locations and came up with the following: Updates and corrections are greatly appreciated :)

              Now open:

              West Hollywood (santa monica/huntley)
              La brea/Melrose
              k-town (6th/Berendo)

              signs saying opening soon:
              Larchmont Village
              Ventura/Laurel Canyon
              Venice on Abbot Kinney
              Beverly hills (Wilshire n Beverly)

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                Also, coming soon to Los Feliz (Vermont Ave bet. Kingswell and Prospect)