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Oct 7, 2006 01:06 AM

Iroha vs. Blowfish vs. Fat Fish

My wife and I are visiting the west side in a few weeks, and we'll no doubt be looking for high-quality "fusion" sushi (not an oxymoron!). We're hardly purists, obviously, but our gustatory sensibility demands something beyond, say, Todai.

So... I've more or less narrowed it down to those three. We'll be eating sushi twice; any suggestions on which of that trio to avoid? To add intrigue, we're also considering Tengu, though it seems even more style-driven than those mentioned above.

Any information would be most appreciated.


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  1. for "fusion/sushi" rather than "purist sushi"
    I would go to Hamasaku on Santa Monica Blvd at Sepulveda

    1. Blowfish is more about otaku manga obsession than it is about the food; Fat Fish is more about drinking than it is about the food, and Iroha is just unspeakable. Hamasaku does specialize in rolls so bizarre that it pains one to even look at them, but at least the food is an honest version of what it is. Kiriko is a serious sushi bar that plays around with form - you might try this one. And the new architecturally interesting Katsuya in Brentwood is the sushi bar du jour.

      1. Kiriko, as mentioned above, would be a far better choice than your current finalists. You also might like K-Zo, (not to be confused with Sushi Zo, which wouldn't match your desires since it is sushi and sashimi only), a new Asian fusion place which recently opened adjacent to the Culver City Trader Joe's on Culver Boulevard.

        We had a mish-mash of a meal there a few weeks ago (by mish-mash I mean one of us was a vegetarian, one was a "no sushi, just approachable food" person, and then two of us who eat anything). The sushi was high quality, they had interesting roll combinations, and their non sushi dishes were inventive. In additiong to toro, spanish mackerel and scallop sushi, we had a black cod appetizer (absolutely miniscule, but good) and a bunch of non meat dishes that I can't remember. But all the food was very good and pleased our disparate group.

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          Please don't go to Iroha. Honestly, the food is soooooo mediocre and every once in a while, downright bad. It would be one thing if you were local to the area, and had no other choice on a Sunday afternoon. But if you are visiting, and looking for something good - Kiriko is a great option. We also like the omakase at Mori sushi. There are a number of places that you could stumble into on Sawtelle that are better than passable, don't get caught up in the hype of places like Sasabune. En sushi on that side of town is also a horror show.