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Oct 7, 2006 12:56 AM

Orlando Christmas Buffets

All our Florida family members get together each Christmas at an Orlando buffet. For the past 15 years, it has been at the Renaissance across the street from Sea World. For five years prior to that, it was at the Orlando Marriott World Center.

We just discovered the Renaissance will be closed for renovation this Christmas!!! Bob, I know you hate buffets, but do you or anyone else have suggestions for a new place? Please help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was looking at the Thanksgiving inforamtion about what Gaylord is doing todaym in fact, and I'm inclined to agree with Special K.

      Renaissance has changed owners and GMs this year -- I think it will take them a while to get back in the grove again.

      Peabody always does a very nice holiday buffet.

      I'd also suggest an inquiry at the Grande Lakes resort. Call the hotel conierge at either the JW Marriott or the Ritz. They can tell you what is planned.

      Finally, consider the Grand Bohemian downtown. Check with the concierge, but they have a very talented chef and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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        Thanks for all your help. My son-in-law works at the Grande Lakes and the brunch at the Ritz on Christmas is more than we want to spend. Our choice came down to the Peabody or Gaylord Palms and our 20 family members voted for the Peabody even though it doesn't have the mounds of cold seafood and sushi that I loved so much at the Renaissance. I'll let everyone know how it is!

      2. Good luck and happy holidays !

        I've never been dissapointed at the Peabody.

        Just curious, doesn't the JW marriott offer a still spectacular, but less pricey Christmas buffet?


        1. I thought I had already answered this, but I don't see my post, so...The Ritz Carlton at Grande Lakes has the Christmas buffet and it costs more than the Peabody. And from what I hear, the Peabody has it beat (although the reservations agent at the Peabody did make it clear that they have no crab legs on their buffet - bummer!)

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            You did respond -- sort of. You mentioned in an earlier post that you had a relative who worked at the Grande Lakes and that the Ritz-Carlton's buffet was more than you wanted to spend.
            I was under the impression your consensus vote was to go to the Peabody.

            I was just raising the issue that, since Grande Lakes has two hotels with two slightly different sets of clientele, that, perhaps, they might also be offering a buffet in one of the JW Marriott restaurants that might be less expensive than the Ritz, but still very high quality. Perhaps with crab legs.
            Did you check both Grande Lakes properties?


          2. The Marriott does have their own brunch...I just received a newsletter from the Grande Lakes properties the other day and it lists both a thanksgiving and christmas brunch at each of the hotels. Info from the newsletter is below:

            The christmas feast at the Ritz is in the Vineyard Grill and is from 12-8 PM and costs $69 for adults, $32 for children. It says there's live entertainment too, but doesn't list specifics on food other than "join chef delgado for a gourmet buffet featuring all the trimmings."

            THe christmas celebration at the JW Marriott is at Citron from noon to 7 PM and costs $64 for adults and $32 for children. They list carved ham and turkey, seafood stations, champagne mimosas and wine bar. Children have thier own buffet and there is live entertainment and a visit from santa.

            Hope this helps! I've heard the brunches at the Ritz are quite something...but never been myself.