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Oct 7, 2006 12:55 AM

ISO McVities "Digestive" biscuits

Awful craving...this is all I can think about! Where can I get them in LA?
I could order, but want, no, NEED them now! :) TIA!

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  1. The Continental Shop at 16th and Wilshire in Santa Monica has them.

    1. There are quite a few places. The easiest is your local Cost Plus Imports location. Unfortunately, they're frequently out of stock of the digestives, whereas the Rich Tea just sit on the shelves.

      More reliably, they can be found at the Sainsbury at Wilshire and Amherst, or The Continental Shop at Wilshire and 16th in Santa Monica. If they're out, the Tudor House and Ye Olde King's Head both stock them at 2nd and Santa Monica in Santa Monica.

      Generally, the city of Santa Monica is the best bet for your British grocery needs. While you're there it's always fun to stick your head into Whimsic Alley at Wilshire and Princeton if the Harry Potter phenomenon moves you at all.

      1. Tudor House always has 'em. We buy them and Malteasers there every week. And you might as well get a custard tart while you're there.

        1. In Tarzana (on Ventura near Vanalden), there is a Sri Lankan market that carries a supply of British foods. I'm not a fan of digestives, but I've seen McVities there. Their supply is a bit sporadic, so they sometimes are out of things.

          1. Thanks for all the help!
            I'm living on the east side of LA (a student at the Claremont Colleges) - are there any places not as far as Santa Monica or the west side?

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              Lucky Baldwin's in old town Pasadena has them - both the regular, and the chocolate covered kind. They also sell Flake and all kinds of Brit chocolate candy, and even Heniz Baked Beans and other UK delights.