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Peters Cajun Creole Delivered the Worst Pizza I have ever had

Trusting the chowhounds I ordered from Peters Cajun Creole tonight. Ordered the vegetarian cajun pizza. It was downright awful. No falvour, smelly chewy dough, mushy vegetables. Such a disappointment. What is going on with the chowhounds? How can anyone recommend this place. It's worst than any other pizza I have ever had. Please, for the sake of humanity, and tastebuds, stop recommending terrible places.

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  1. Ever hear that expression "one mans meat is another mans poison"? Peter's pizza has been quite incredible in the past, I used to order from them frequently. The last pizza i ordered was incredibly expensive, and I have not ordered from them since. And yes, I did write a post about that experience. Pizza seems to be another one of those things that people have wildly divurgent opinions about, how else would places like Pizza pizza stay so popular. (and yes, I have seen it recommended on here!)

    1. I agree that people can have different tastes but I have never disliked a pizza so much. I threw the entire pizza away after eating one slice. I have tried all the chains like pizza pizza, pizza hut, pizza nova, etc. etc. etc. but never ever have I thrown away a pizza. This was the first time ever. I never thought pizza could be so bad. I wouldn't have posted if it was just not good. Perhaps the quality has gone down since you ordered last. I dare anyone on these boards to order the vegetarian cajun pizza and come back and tell me they were able to eat more than once slice.

      1. Lets be realistic here. If the pizza was so bad that it had to be thrown away, dont you think it was probably an isolated case? They couldn't stay in business this long, not to mention the positive reviews, if the pizzas were always so gross.

        I have enjoyed zah from there from time to time. I don't put it on my list of faves, but it is appetizing for sure.

        1. There is a quote from a movie in the 80's or something like that. "Sex is like pizza. Even when it's lousy it's still pretty good." So for WIGF to throw it out. It would have to be terrible on a level seldom achieved.


          1. What Davwud wrote was what prompted me to post in the first place. How can you go wrong with pizza. It's never so bad that you have to throw it away. BestandWorst may be right that it was an isolated case as they have stayed in business. Has anyone else tried the vegetarian cajun? BTW, I have tried Magic Oven and it is a 100 times better. But Magic Oven pizza always arrives cold. If they could deliver it hot, it would be really good.

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              I believe a visit to City of Toronto's website might answer at least a few of your questions about Peter's Cajun Crap-ole. I've had one great pizza from Peter's about 2 years ago. I have never been able to recreate that experience. Both it and it's next door neighbour, Mr Tasty, have taken a steep dive in, I hesitate to say quality, but at least those people pleasing aspects that certain hole in the wall places can deliver. They both went from okay to no way in no time flat.

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                Mr Tasty changed hands a few years ago. The guy who ran it when it was pretty good now owns Joy Bistro on Queen East.

                I can't comment about Peters. I tried them a few years ago after reading some very good reviews. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't special enough to justify going back. I was curious about the dine safe link, but a search for Peter's came back empty. What's the story?

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                    This link now works. I believe Jan 24 & 26 tells the whole story.

            2. I have had serious issues with Magic Oven... pizzas take literally HOURS... sometimes never even arriving... I have moved a little closer to the West End location, so I will give them another try.

              My vote for the absolute worst pizza in town is Papa Ceo's at Harbord and Spadina... many is the night that I have wobbled home after a few drinks and made the mistake of ordering a slice... constipated for days.

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                Yah I agree about Magic Oven taking forever. I mean, I live off Broadview, maybe a 1 minute drive from their Broadview/Danforth location, and it has still taken like an hour and 15 min maybe to get there.. But, once its here, its damn good.

              2. We just had Mamma's pizza the other day, and I have to say I loved it! I usually hate the chains, but their crust was super thin, with gourmet toppings...delicious! You should give them a try next time!

                1. I would never eat at Papa Ceo. Walked by the store early one morning, saw a guy rolling out the dough with a cig butt hanging out of his mouth. Maybe that is what blocked you up. Peter's Cajun is OK, but I must agree that Mamma's pizza is not bad.

                  1. We tried Mamma's Pizza at Leslie and York mills last week, and didn't like anything about it.
                    So, maybe it was just a bad experience.
                    Although the crust was thin, it could easily bend, not the least bit crispy.
                    We ordered the meat version, and the topping was "chintzy" dry, and you could barely taste cheese.
                    It lacked something, but wasn't terrible.
                    I would imagine location, and who is putting it to-gether makes a difference.
                    For a chain,I think Pizza Hut's thin crust is tastier, but they use MSG.
                    Unfortunately, not too many choices in our area.

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                      I agree that Peter's Cajun has gone downhill. The hubby and I used to always get it then 2 years ago they changed the sauce, skimped on the cheese, and the dough was not so tasty. They must have gotten new management, cook? I don't know, but it sure isn't what it used to be. We ordered again after being disappointed, hoping we'd caught a bad day, but the results were the same.

                    2. I'm sorry but we must strongly disagree. The other night our neighbour ordered pizza from Peter's and we could smell it's deliciousness 2 doors down while we were outside. Once we found out where it was from we decided to order it. As we were looking for the website we came across this review and started questioning it. In the end we decided we should formulate our own opinion...and OMG...it was absolutely amazing! That's going to be our local pizza place from now on. Give it a shot folks it's delicious!!

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                        One man's meat is another man's (2 year-old) poison!

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                          Hey, who knows, maybe it's gone through a miraculous turnaround and this thread deserves to be dusted off....maybe....?

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                            who knows, sometimes when a resto starts reading chow reviews they actually make a genuine effort to change and meet customer expectations albeit belatedly (2 years).

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                          Welcome to Chowhound Auge. Since you must be from the neighbourhood and searching for good pizza, I would highly recommend Big Mamma's Boy. Pricey and slow, but soooo good.

                          I'm sorry to report that Peter's Cajun are still behaving in the same manner as always. No amount of hype prior to the opening of Magic Oven around the corner from them will save them. They really just should have respected their clientele in the first place.

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                            I moved into the 'hood 3 years ago and was curious about Peter's Cajun. Looking them up on this site, I decided against giving it a try -- too many recent bad reviews. But I ended up going there last night and it was good. The dough was a good consistency, the sauce was spicy, but not too spicy. The only negative was that dry seasoning had been sprinkled on top - which tasted fine, but came across amateurish. And they had Mill St Stock Ale on tap - very tasty.
                            Maybe I lucked out.

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                              Peter's CC is very hit and miss. They can occasionally be very, very good. It isn't worth playing pizza roulette with them as there are other dining options nearby.

                              That aside, Peter's could never be worse than that tragedy that moved in, Magic Oven. I really can't believe how bad it is. Not to mention not just the cleanest place I've ever been and in this neighbourhood that's really saying something. Do people only ever eat there once? Magic Oven where the customers go poof. Whaddaya think?

                              The best 'za in the hood is still Big Mamma's Boy. They're slow and the staff aren't very good, but MAN what a great pizza.