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Oct 7, 2006 12:37 AM

Repulsion at Dangerous Dan's

Well, I finally checked out the infamous east-end diner with my girlfriend today, and it was certainly memorable -- the abysmal quality of most everything we ate will be with me for a long time.

I'll entertain the idea of an "off day", but this was obscene. Spongey, unseasoned chicken, mealy green tomatoes, flaccid strips of grey-coloured bacon, all topped off with a congealing snotball of processed mozzarella. The most appetizing part was the bun, and nothing in between.

Before the arrows start to fly, understand that I'm no upper-crust snob too elite for greasy diner food. I grew up on that stuff, like many others. This experience charts as one of the most nauseating meals I've ever had to pay for, and I can't help but feel dismayed from seeing this place get so much praise - from Hounds and other foodlovers alike.

Was this an anomaly? Did we order the wrong thing? The fries at another table looked alright...(though you'd have to be bedridden to fuck that up)...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes, you ordered the wrong thing - chicken and salad at a place known for its hamburgers.

      1. i'll weigh in here too...

        i don't know, i ordered the burger, and it was okay but nothing to write home about. sure, it was big, but pretty flavourless. the caesar salad was indeed terrible, and the fries were so so, but frozen, not fresh.

        i'm not saying i wouldn't go there again, i would if i were around and hungry, passable food at a reasonable price. but i wouldn't go out of my way to go there again.

        1. I appreciate that Dangerous Dan's helped clean up a really scuzzy corner. Beyond that, it isn't a very nice place. The old car seats are always dirty and I smelled of grease and moldy car seat whenever I left.

          Yes, they are known for their burgers, but mainly for the publicity they get due to the burger size. A couple of the burgers they sell can feed 4 normal appetites and, in my opinion, they they all taste totally, irredemably, awful. I tried one because I couldn't resist. I tried another because I couldn't imagine there wasn't something wrong with the first. This is a strong example of quantity above quality. We sometimes order ribs for home delivery, but we never eat in any more.

          The beef ribs are the only thing I find consistently palatable -- long bones braised in a too sweet, but ok tasting sauce. It's kind of a waste, since these are the rib steak bones - not short ribs -- and they would be delicious when quickly grilled. They also make a good sandwich from the rib meat and the steak sandwich is tasty and cheap.

          The mashed potates were real last time I had them and they served pretty good shakes.

          Everything else? The salads are usually as previously described. The homemade Caesar dressing might as well come from a No-Name bottle and the croutons come from a package. The fries are frozen and very ordinary; The rings are frozen and don't taste good.

          I once had a grilled chicken sandwich, which I did find OK for nutritional purposes but would not go out of my way to have again.

          The atmosphere is "interesting" and it does appeal to many people -- slightly sleazy, yet family friendly. There's sometimes a bit of theatre when they handle panhandlers, drunks from Jillys, and the drug deals attempted in their doorway -- they do this efffectively and with occasional panache.

          1. I'm happy to hear other ppl think this place is nasty. i read so many posts about the poutine being good there, i finally made the drive. i got there and was so disgusted by the look of the place. i couldnt bring myself to sit down on old van seats with french fries stuck to them, not only that, it looked like it hadnt seen soap in a long while. thank you, for letting me know i made the right decision to walk out of that place as soon as i walked in.

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              It's a scary place that isn't worth the fear. 100% quantity and price over anything.