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Oct 7, 2006 12:17 AM

Best Ice Cream In Dallas?

I want to thank everyone to your responses to my other posts. I am 5 months pregnant and new to Dallas so I always need help. I was wondering if anyone knew where the BEST ice cream was. I would also settle for a good frozen custard place cause I have never tried that. I am willing to drive to settle a craving.
Thanks again,

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  1. Pacuigo- multiple locations including west village, plano and soon Northpark mall. Great gelato and ices. Flavors change weekly.

    Henry's-in plano. Great creamy high fat goodness.

    Harry's-knox Henderon and 75. Great custard and hot dogs.

    Perhaps this will help

    Im a dessert guy--2-3 with every meal if I can.

    1. I hear good things about Henry's (Plano)

      For frozen custard, Harry's is the place to go (Dallas, Knox and McKinney):

      1. Thanks I am thinking Henry's in plano sounds like it might be a good place to try today and then I will try the frozen cutard next week at Harry's.

        Ssh - I am definalty a desert girl too! I exspecially love my ice cream!

        1. Here are some of the best desserts in town:

          Perry's: brown bag apple pie (with henry's ice cream!) and chocolate cake ala mode

          Jaspers: rocky road ice cream cookie

          Standard: madalines

          Nobu: Tempura chocolate balls and Pear toban yaki (are they closing?)

          Smith & Wolensky: Trio of Crème Brûlée ala mode with whipped cream)

          Ziziki: baklalva ice cream pie

          Fuse: funnel cake and smores fondue

          1. Milwaukee Joe's!
            They have 2 locations in NE Tarrant County: Southlake Town Center and Harwood & Norwood in Hurst. There's also one on Inwood in Dallas, and it has frozen custard, too.

            AWESOME, creative flavors of the day, and a regular menu that pleases, too! Today's flavor is White Chocolate Oreo...