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Oct 6, 2006 11:58 PM

Striped Bass - How is it now?

I was a huge fan of the Stripped Bass when it was Neil Stein's. Anyone care to share what they think of the food now? I know the new chef made Gourmet's Top Chef list. Thanks Chow rock.

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  1. The chef to whom you are referring, Christoper Lee, left Striped bass in August. There's a new chef now (from New York, I think) whose name I can't recall. In any event, I haven't been there since Lee left, so I can't comment on any changes.

    1. I'm fairly certain they are sailing without a captain. We had an average dinner experience there friday from what appeared to be Lee's menu.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wow, I had no idea about the chef turn-over. I was there for dinner last weekend (hadn't been in 3 yrs or so) and was VERY happy. I had the flash seared tuna, fantastic. Wife and I split the banana split, great! Actually, probably one of the better dinners I've had all year (I live in NYC and eat out far too much.)

          1. Went in September (not sure if Chris Lee was still there). Everything was awesome.

            Went again last Friday and the new chef (can't remember the name) had rewritten the menu. Raw bar still great, as was the Black Bass entree. Service was also excellent, even though our server was on board only a month. However, the tuna tartare app was bland and the new Diver Scallop & Mushrooms entree (pushed heavily by our server) was nothing but salt. Not even interesting.

            Most disappointing of all was the deletion of the Nova Scotia Halibut entree. If that's not a crime, it's at least a sin.

            Think we'll wait 6 months before returning.