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Oct 6, 2006 11:54 PM

City Bakery Croissants Have Changed!

Back in August, I stopped by City Bakery for one of their buttery, flakey croissants. After I took one bite, I was in shock. While it looked like a City Bakery croissant on the outside, it was pretty doughy on the inside. Where was the light etheral flakey goodness that I came to love? I've had supermarket croissants that were better. I asked management if they had changed suppliers, bakers, etc. She rudely told me that nothing had ever changed about City Bakery. I kept insisting that this is a different product than what I am used to. She basically treated me like an idiot -- that I had no idea what I was talking about. Because it was a humid day, I chalked it up to the weather conditions.

As the weather was pretty dry today, I thought it would be a good day to give the City Bakery croissant another go. It was the same croissant that I had back in August -- ponderous, like a dinner roll. I brought this up with the manager. This manager said that they change bakers all the time. He was incredibly receptive to my comments. He did write my complaint down and said that he would look into it. I hope they change back to the original bakers as I'm incredibly disappointed. While I still will go to City Bakery for their other baked goods (melted chocolate chip cookie, vanilla bean shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, tarts), I'll have to make my way down to Ceci-Cela for some croissants. btw, I don't feel that Tisserie on Union Square West is an adequate substitute.

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  1. Funny you should mention...I also thought it may have been a consistency thing, different bakers,etc...I noticed the other day that their oatmeal cookies seemed drier than usual, and they told me since they use organic ingredients that sometimes there are fluctuations on the protiens in the flour....could that be it.

    I know that the owner is also spending a lot of time on the west coast, where they recently opened up a CB in Brentwood (which is gorgeous)

    At least their chocolate chip cookies still rock!!!

    1. Regarding Tisserie, I haven't had the croissants,but
      I bought a danish there and it was so sodden
      with butter that it was inedible. I love the madeleine
      "cupcakes" at Le Pain Quotidien, & their brioche...
      only a few blocks from Tisserie, closer to Park.
      I've not had their croissants.

      one thing I can't understand about City Bakery is why
      he never bought a properly functioning cold case for
      the beverages. How hard could that be?

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        A month ago, I've tried Tisserie's turkey and cheese croissant. I must say, it was a greasy, heavy pastry. It's not even a croissant at all. I think more like a stuffed cresent shaped pastry laden with a ton of grease, turkey (like the ones you get in your deli sandwich; not the real stuff) and a ricotta cheese. My stomach didn't handle it too well and it's not worth getting. Though their quiches are decent, except for their salmon quiche was too darn salty.

      2. I was never a huge fan of City Bakery's croissants.

        I always liked Patisserie Claude or The Adore (pronounced tay-a-deau-ray) better.

        1. city bakery always grossed me with their food displayed out for people to breathe on.

          1. I just wanted to second the other aspect of this complaint -- the snotty attitude of the staff. I'm sick of fighting with them about heating up my hot chocolate, which is delicious but invariably too cold. If I want you to stick it in the microwave, stick it in the damn microwave.

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