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Oct 6, 2006 11:37 PM

The Food TV list

Team Awesome:
All original japanese iron chefs (except italian)
The Ham on the Street
Guy's big bite guy

Team Sucko:
Paula "marshmallo and mayo sandwich anyone?" Deen
Mark "double dare" Summers
Emeril (duh)
Rachel "everything is 'mmmmm'" Ray
Sandra "dung on a bun" Lee
Cat "wow, i'm an iron chef?" Cora

what's your list?

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  1. Having eaten at Cat Cora's restaurant and taken a cooking lesson from her, I really respect her culinary skills. The food that she cooked at Postino, her restaurant near San Francisco, was really, really delicious.

    1. I still haven't seen Guy's show (no real interest), but I really can't take much of Ham on the Street. No real content, more about "entertainment" in a style that doesn't work for me. Did this Duran guy *really* have a show in France like his opener says??!!

      Sadly, I don't find much "awesome" on the network anymore. There are some shows that are decent/tolerable, but they don't really teach like they once did. Alton is the only one that goes into any depth. I don't count Mario because he's cancelled and I haven't seen his show in forever. The American Iron Chefs (aside from Morimoto) don't have nearly the range or finesse that the Japanese did. Their prime time evening "way more than cooking" line up makes me cringe...

      I'll stick to PBS, but I really wish that someone would start a competing food-related network w/ better content. Anyone?

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            We have a digital cable channel in Boston that is all PBS cooking and How-to shows. Lidia's Family Table is on all night tonight. There are also travel shows (Rick Steeves) and This Old House, sewing, quilting, etc.
            In my area it is WGBXDT3, channel 237.

      1. You might want to append to this thread instead, same subject:

        BTW the above PBS channel is called CreateTV, only available via digital over-the-air.

        1. I like:
          Bobby Flay
          Tyler Florence
          Iron Chef and ICA
          $40 a day
          Rachel Rey's Tasty Travels
          The Secret Life Of.....

          that's it....everything else I don't really watch at all...not even for background noise....

          1. I'm thrilled that Nigella is on Food Network now.

            I despise all things Rachael Ray.