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Oct 6, 2006 11:19 PM

Boston hound seeking lunch by the Smithsonian

I'm posting this kinda late, but I was looking for some lunch recs. My bf and I will be visiting the Air and Space Museum tomorrow (Saturday), and I wanted to have a good lunch nearby. We're open to anything, as long as it's not too pricey (entrees in the -teen's, roundabout). I was considering Belga Cafe for some moules, but reading about the horrid service is making me think twice. Thanks!

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  1. Montmartre on 7th, SE, at Eastern Market. Ate there a few days ago with friends. I had the liver with polenta. Others had the rabbit and hangar steak. Always a great meal there. Entrees $15 to $20 at supper.

    1. That's a culinary no man's land. You may want to take a cab somewhere. My favorite restaurant that's reasonably close to there is Jaleo on 7th, which I think is a wonderful lunch.

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        I second the Spanish tapas at Jaleo. I prefer mostly the unique and extremely tast vegetarian selections: patatas bravas, eggplant flan, spinach with raisins, grilled asparagus, trumpet mushrooms, tortilla espanol, aples and manchego, queso de tupi - but meat eaters will enjoy the bacon and date fritters as well.

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          Yeah, that's the impression I was getting after reading through various posts. Jaleo is definitely on my list of places to try while I'm in town, but I was concerned about the wait for a table... Still, the tapas sound good, so I'll give it a go.

        2. The Museum of the American Indian has a surprisingly unusual restaurant, featuring food from different areas of the country. It's a little pricey, but not your standard museum cafeteria fare. For example, last time I was there, I ate quail stuffed with roasted chestnut and cranberry stuffing, and fire roasted corn on the cob.

          1. Second the Indian Museum cafe. Get the lobster roll, ask for it without the roll -- results in a nice bowl of lobster salad. Great veg. sides over by the roasting buffalo -- which is a bit tough. Just make a lunch out of the interesting sides. Pricey but worth it; go late on Sunday to avoid crowds. Leave the tamales alone, and just give yourself twenty minutes for the rest of the museum -- that should be plenty to see how poorly it is done.