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PV and Sayulita recs?

We are experienced Mexico travelers who plan to spend a lot of time investigating crowded taco stands and such. However, on this trip we'll be traveling with our toddler daughter and will need to sit down and feed her at regular hours.

She has a pretty adventurous palate (even likes heat), and we travel with a small inflatable booster chair, so mac'n'cheese and highchairs are not requirements.

Any recommendations?

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. Looks like there's not a lot of info out there. I'll be sure to post when we return.

    1. We were in Sayulita a few years ago, and actually found quite a few good restaurants. There was a little taco place - I can't remember the name though - it's on the main square. They had this 'fish bowl', I think it was called, that I loved - fish and rice, with veggies. Inexpensive and delicious. But there were also more high end places and we had no problems finding places that were good.

      1. Don Pedros on the beach in Sayulita is fabulous - give it a try. Great seafood, sandwiches, salads, etc.

        1. That's true - I remember a really good pizza at Don Pedros. Another place where I had forgotten the name! It was also one of the few places that took visa. That was important to us, since there was nowhere to get cash in Sayulita, unless we went to Bucerias. Not sure if that's changed.

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            Was in Sayulita a year and a half ago - was a day trip - we stayed in Bucerias. Don't know if the cash situation has changed.

            I tried to post some photos of the food from Don Pedros but it didn't work - great food and presented beautifully.

            Bernalgirl - I have some good Bucerias recommendations if you are spending time there.

          2. Puerto Vallarta

            Marisma's Fish Tacos is quite memorable. They have a stand near the tunnel in Old Town near Basilio Badillo and Carranza. With your daughter you can go to their restuarant in Marina Vallarta (to the left when you enter) which is very civilized and extremely good.

            Also in Old Town, both Fajitas Republic and Cafe de la Olla deliver consistently good food.

            Trio near the Mallecon is wonderful but pricey.

            Every night there is a wonderful old man that makes churros just outside the church on Aguacate. We dream about those churros as well as Marisma's fish tacos and they are both our first stop whenenver we return to PV.

            Margaritas does good classic beach-town food and the restuarant next to it (the one that also rents boards) does a great coconut shrimp and coconut mahi-mahi.

            There is a little restaurant at the Villa Amor hotel that is hit or miss, but the location is nice and quiter than dining in town.

            If you're willing to spend the money, we've had a number of memorable meals at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita (their outdoor restaurant is more casual and just as good).

            Have fun!

            1. when is it that you are going?
              my wife and i always go to marisma fish taco either by the tunnel or in the marina excellent tacos and great smoothies.

              On allende up the hill from the malecon there is maria calendaria for tamales you sit in their home and eat

              and i highly recommend dona salu which is on berlin in the hotel zone 99% locals and worth the trouble to find

              here is a link to something i found 3 years ago it could help

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                Do you or anyone else have further info on Maria Calendaria? Address/phone? All I could find was this: http://erinfox1.tripod.com/index.blog...

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                  Got it. TamalerĂ­a MarĂ­a Candelaria, #851 G. Sanchez, at Allende. No phone, apparently...

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                    sorry about getting the name wrong
                    it is on the corner of sanchez and allende

                    you cant go wrong here
                    16 different types of tamales dinner for 2 will set you back a whopping 10 american or less

                    for other tamales, on sunday across from the entrance to the church
                    tamales vicky chicken or pork tamales for 8 pesos each

              2. Bernalgirl, I have a cousin that lives in PV... here are the insider favorites:

                Marina Vallarta

                > Tribu
                > Nikki Beach
                > El Tacon del Marlin
                > Suzie Wong's
                > Porto Bello


                > No Name Cafe
                > Agave Grill
                > BarCelona Tapas
                > Cafe des Artistes
                > Carlos O'Brians
                > De Santos
                > La Bodeguita del Medio
                > La Dolce Vita
                > Los Xitomates
                > Viejo Vallarta

                1. Sayulita--great for fish-I haven't been there in a while-but there was a food stand off the highway with the best fish--and reasonable--enjoy

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                    marlie202 - can you be more specific about the location?

                    chefcman - do you know what days the taco restaurant is closed?


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                      Homeboy... don't you have some writing to catch up? I am impatiently waiting to read how you missed the good finds in Culver City / Mar Vista :)

                      1. re: Eat_Nopal

                        There's a crew processing this stuff to get it online, and they have lots of other stuff to process. Logjam...though I think a new one just went up today. Anyway, stay tuned (also, have you really read all the reports to date? there's a bunch of 'em. Even my mother hasn't read 'em all!

                        BTW, for those who don't know, we're talking about this stuff: http://www.chow.com/tour

                        ...and, if anyone wants to discuss that stuff further, please do so on the board for discussing my road trip, at http://www.chowhound.com/boards/show/60


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                          I am up to date... pretty entertaining, although your writing is too optimisitc, enthusiastic & upbeat in a Disney film sort of way.

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                            Thanks for the review. I like your writing just fine, fwiw.

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                        driving from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita-there is only one road/highway-it is on your left hand side right off the road-has umbrellas to shade you from the sun(when last I was there)it is unpretentious-have the fish and you can go for a nice swim after-
                        but be careful the tides are strong-there is also a pretty famous spot off the highway(perhaps in Bucerias) around there that sells these molten chocolate cakes-I don't think they are all that great-but many people do-enjoy

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                          in bucerias that would be pie in the sky

                          they have also opened up again in puerto vallarta
                          not sure of the address there but it is not too far from rizo supermarket

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                            yes it is Pie In The Sky-but I don't really care for those
                            besos (kisses) choco molten little cakes-do you

                        2. re: Jim Leff

                          I too travel and use my nose to see what's great-it's a great adventure and one can come up with a lot of great food and meet
                          nice people and experiment with ideas you learn from these road experiences-I love the site-

                          1. re: Jim Leff

                            marisma is closed on monday in both locations
                            the marina one stays open till 7 the one in old town is open till 5