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Oct 6, 2006 11:07 PM

Finally, a crock pot success

Admittedly, I've never used the crockpot very much, but a few weeks ago I tried a recipe for boneless skinless chicken breasts that I found here, and it was a tremendous disaster.

This morning, I gave it one last try, contemplating how to ditch the thing if it didn't produce an edible dinner. I made a beef stew, following some instructions here, and it turned out very, very well. Of course, I didn't follow the instructions exactly...

I tossed the stew meat with kosher salt, pepper, and flour, and browned it in a little oil; threw it in the pot with chopped carrots, an onion, a little celery, and a few turnips, along with some well-drained canned tomatoes.

Then, since I should have been showering and getting to my dreadful staff meeting, I made a little roux which I let brown somewhat, then added 1/2 cup merlot and a teaspoon or two of Tone's beef soup base (evil, I know, but oh-so helpful).

I managed to make some mashed potatoes before my children raided the fridge, and it made a wonderful, comforting dinner for a chilly rainy day. I couldn't stop eating it.

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  1. Yay. Thanks for posting. I love to come home to a nice long-simmered crock pot meal but I have very few good recipes. I'm hoping that some of the dishes in All About Braising can be adapted to the slow cooker, since it's sort of a pain to hold the oven hostage for 2 hours.

    1. Miss mia...please try the Crockpot Cassoulet from Mabel is SO good and smells so nice while can dispense with the bacon completely or just cut down to 2 strips of it...the smoked sausage lends the smokey flavor quite enough in my opinion...I, too, am a crockpot critic but this particular recipe is so delish..I cut it in half because it's just me and my 2 sons, but they both loved it. I also used fresh thyme but the dried is fine, too. I posted the link to the recipe under another crockpot thread here on Home Cooking. Thanks for your successful recipe...I will try it!

      1. Which brand crockpot do you use?