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Oct 6, 2006 11:02 PM

Whist at the Viceroy

Any improvement since Warren Schwartz took over as chef? The cabanas are such a nice setting for a large group of 8-10 but the food always seems to disappoint, especially at those price points! Anyone been lately?

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  1. The food is fantastic!
    It's recommended again and again, as one of the best restaurants on the westside. I eat there about once a week...

    1. I don't think so.

      What makes matters even worse is the horrible service. The turnover of staff is really high, which shows.

      But, I will say, dinner under the stars on the patio is magic.

      1. I disagree with Frank Santa Monica. The food at Whist these days is wonderful,and the service is great! Warren Schwartz is VERY talented. The turnover is high only with the managers-- the floor staff is quite stable.

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          Everyone os kinda right and wrong. At least that was the case Saturday night. The ambience cannot be beat. One of the nicest places in So Cal to eat outdoors. The food was overall good and some dishes were excellent. The service tried really hard but when they are charging a minimum of $1000 plus tax, plus 20% tip I expect a little more.
          Overall I think it is one of our better venues for larger parties of 8-10. Just wish service could be a bit better.

        2. The original comment has been removed