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Oct 6, 2006 10:51 PM

Financial District Dinner?

I'm staying at the Hilton Millenium - never hang out that far down. Is there anywhere great for dinner - doesn't have to be RIGHT there. Will walk many blocks or cab it, but somewhere in lower Manhattan near that area? Like all sorts of food, ethnic, whatever. Just special is all I ask for.

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  1. I like Ecco for Italian. And Danube, of course.

    1. In lower Tribeca I like Azafran, Blau Gans, Duane Park Cafe... all about a 10 minute walk from your hotel.

      1. In Tribecca...Thalassa...great fresh fish and Greek dishes. Very good

        1. Strange nobody mentionned Bouley ! It's less than 10min walk...

          1. And Nam is good for soomewhat upscale Vietnamese. On Reade Street.