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Oct 6, 2006 10:51 PM

Is it possible to make a lovely macadamia nut crusted fish fillet without wheat?

I have a friend coming for dinner tonight who I've just remembered has wheat allergies. I was planning to cook Alton Brown's fantastic (and easy) Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi ( ) and I am wondering if the same wonderful, crusty finish will still be had if I use only the nuts and no flour or panko breadcrumbs?

If not, what do you suggest I use as a replacement? Soy flour? Soycrumbs? Do soycrumbs even exist? What if I were to crumble up some of those little round lo-carb soy crisp crackers from Trader Joe's? (Hopefully they come in an unflavored version


Please advise!

Thanks in advance

Mr Taster

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  1. Perhaps you have on hand cornmeal and rice flour? The rice flour is fine like wheat flour and the cornmeal (or polenta cornmeal which is courser) lends crunch. Avoids runing to TJ's and crusing stuff, plus those things may add an odd flavor compnent. Good luck!

    1. Definitely, corn meal.

      Btw, the low carb soy crackers will probably contain some form of wheat protein (gluten).

      1. I have wheat allergies as well. Cornmeal, potato starch and almond meal all work fine as breading substitutes. Good luck!

        1. How about crushed up corn or rice chex or rice krispies? Fritos?

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            If the friend has to be 'gluten free' this would include barely (malt) as well as wheat, so rice chex and rice krispies would be out. There are GF versions made by Nature Valley (I think?) called rice crunchems and corn crunchems.
            Fritos might be OK!
            The suggestions above are great. You can also find 'Gluten-Free' bread crumbs at some stores with good GF sections. I don't know about the quality vs real bread crumbs vs cornmeal, etc..

            Good Luck,

          2. Well here's the report... I prepared the breading with the crushed macadmia nuts, rice flour, corn meal and butter. My friend arrives and I tell her the adjustments I made to compensate for her wheat allergy, and she says... "Oh no, CORN?? Corn makes my emotions horribly depressed!" Hm. Thankfully I hadn't breaded the fish yet, so we improvised, mixing up a small new batch for her one fish fillet, leaving out the corn meal, and I have to say that both variations were still quite good. The coarse ground corn meal was really an interesting textural replacement to the panko breadcrumbs and I really like it a lot.

            Many thanks!

            Mr Taster

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              I also have the same issues with corn...makes me severly depressed and I am gluten-free as well.......You are such a great friend to think of alternates....she is very lucky to have you...I usually bring my own food....even my mom said next time to bring my own food ! I am going to try this tonight with almond meal & egg.