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Are restaurants serving spinach yet?

They say it's safe to eat spinach again, but have any of your favorite restaurants started serving it again? There's a couple of places we go where spinach is an essential ingredient for the dishes we order, and we would rather wait until its available again.

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    1. There's actually an article in the Wednesday LA times food section from this past week about it. Sounds like most are not.

      1. went to Blue Marlin the other night....my cousin ordered the sea urchin w/ rice and it had a bunch of spinich on it.

        1. I saw spinach at Whole Foods in Glendale today

          1. not yet - I think restaurants are wary of freaking out their patrons/diners (which could mean no more repeat business or worse yet, bad referrals), despite FDA's OK. I wish it'd come back soon too - I LOVE spinach.


            1. As of last night, the local stores still weren't stocking spinach, and most still had the recall notices posted.

              1. my work took it off the menu.

                1. I had sag aloo at India's Tandoori...

                  1. This past Saturday I was at Lawry's and they were serving their spinach. No one in our party ordered it tho...

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                      I am wondering if much creamed spinach dishes are made using fresh. I had a Spinach Alfredo pizza from Papa John, and I am certain the Alfredo is made from frozen. I was at Trader Vic's recently, and they are not serving spinach, creamed or otherwise.

                    2. Had a bit of a surprise last night when I ordered Thai delivery (Emporium Thai in Westwood - almost a total YAWN, except for spicy fried rice that had that true Thai smoky snap to it). I ordered pra ram, which the menu listed as the usual spinach, tofu, peanut sauce, but also with broccoli. When it arrived, it had absolutely no spinach. Just broccoli, tofu and peanut sauce. I wish the restaurant would have mentioned that they weren't using spinach yet! Pra ram is not a great dish without spinach, especially since in my mind it is all about spinach. Oh well - I'll avoid ordering spinach-based dishes until I am sure they actually contain spinach again.

                      1. Spinach is back at the Farmers Market (in Santa Monica at least):


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                          It never left the Studio City market -- and you know what? I still bought it. I did ask questions, but I trust the people I buy it from.

                          It's all about knowing where your food is coming from.

                        2. Yes, had a bunch of it in a salad @ French 75 in Century City today. I didn't realize it until I had eaten about ten bites. Then, I sorta lost my appetite, but I am sure that they purchased the spinach from a reliable farm. I feel ok :)

                          1. I read that TenderGreens in Culver City never stopped serving spinach. They said that they were so sure their supplier was clean that they continued to serve. Understandably less people ordered but it's always been there.

                            1. I was at Musso & Frank last night - don't ask, the steak was okay and the scotch on the rocks was a scotch on the rocks. When my friend and I tried to order creamed spinach the waiter looked horrified, leaned over and in a whisper told us that the DEA and the FBI had been in the restaurant a few days ago and confiscated their spinach because four people in L.A. had died eating it during the past week and it was a terrorist plot that was being hushed up. We were pretty sure he actually believed that. Somehow, it took great effort, we managed to wait until he was out of earshot before busting up in near-hysterical laughter.

                              1. I vote we name this the Florentine Rebellion.