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Oct 6, 2006 10:07 PM

What's "Foodie-hot" in NYC now?

My husband and I moved to NJ a year ago and are a little "out of the scene" as it were. While living in NYC, some of our favs were Suba, WD 50, 71 Clinton, Blue Hill, etc. This is what we love! It's my husband's birthday next month and I'm looking for some place that'll be just awesome for him. I'm thinking Blue Hill Tarrytown, but wanted to check with the boards to see what's new in NY right now. Many thanks in advance.....

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  1. Cru, Alto, The Modern, Aureole (oldie but incredible), are all incredible. The creativity, complexity of flavors, service and atmosphere have been outstanding at all of them. Welcome back to the New York restaurant world!

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      1. Eleven Madison since the new chef came has been a "hot" restaurant among the foodies.

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