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Favorite RIBS at a chain?

Any chain out there that offers a decent rack of ribs, either babyback or beef?

I suppose Tony Roma's comes to mind.

I know Claim Jumper offers ribs as does Appelbees.

Any out there that's any good?

(BTW, anyone remember Love's???)

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    1. Had Tony Romas in Honolulu, some of the worst ribs I ever ate, flavorless, and fatty.

      In S.Carolina I tried Sticky Fingers, and their ribs were edible,

      The only 2 chains around me are Smokey Bones, pretty bad, and Famous Daves, equally as bad. both fatty and flavorless..

      I believe you gotta go to the smaller outfits for the good ribs. Some of the best I have had were at small spots in Georgia, N. Carolina, and Tennessee.

      Here in Downers Grove is Uncle Bubs in Westmont, and they are hit and miss with the ribs, but their pulled pork is pretty good..

      1. Tony Roma's is good, as is Outback. Elephant Bar is ok, but somewhat devoid of meat.

        I wouldn't feed Applebee's to starving dogs at the pound.

        Chili's pushes their ribs, but I had em once and it was like eating a rack of rubber.

        Never tried Claim Jumpers ribs, but I seldom go there.

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          I think Tony Roma's has an All-You-Can-Eat deal on ribs on Mondays ...

        2. Recently tried the new Famous Dave's in my area. Having led a reasonably good life, I had never experienced actual prison food until dining at Famous Dave's.

          1. Red, Hot & Blue. I like the Memphis dry rub ribs, SO likes the wet ribs. I'm not too keen on the sides but for a chain the ribs are pretty good.

            1. Dreamland
              Aint nothing like 'em nowhere.


              1. If you like the fall-off-the-bone kind you can't go wrong with Texas Roadhouse. They're some of the only ribs I've had to eat with a knife and fork, just because if you pause while lifting up one of the bones, the meat just slides right off and you have a clean bone in your hand.

                1. Houston's. I've had the ribs at both the LA and SF branches, and they beat out Tony Roma's, C.Jumper's, and many smaller local restaurants in both regions. It's not "the best" in either LA or SF, but very good and a very safe bet.

                  1. I have had ribs at Texas Road House in Live Oak,Texas next to the movie theatre.They were pretty good.I like to buy a small rack and make my own at home.

                    1. I agree, for a chain, Texas Roadhouse is very good. I am not a huge rib person, but when in the mood, Texas Roadhouse is where I like to order. Also you can get a loaded sweet potato, if you like.

                      1. I personally love the beef ribs at Chris 'n Pitts. Dining ambience is awful, but the beef ribs are smokey and tender and I like the sauce a lot. Delish.