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Oct 6, 2006 09:27 PM

Guava juice

I realize NYC is far far away from Hawaii, but any places have really delicious guava juice?

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  1. A lot of the Asian markets ususally carry Aloha Maid brand of Guava and passion fruit blends similar, if not the same as the products sold at the local market near my parent's vacation home on Maui.

    The market across from the movie theatres in the East Village have them.

    I've had my own cravings for "POG" The also sell guava juice at this L & J's restaurant on 8th or 9th avenue near Macy's -- if they are still open. The place gave Hawaiian cuisine a really bad name -- think they were franchised by Native Chinese folks

    1. Well alot of places sell guava NECTAR rather than guava juice. Alot of places in Chinatown sell Vitasoy guava juiceboxes - alas it's only small juicebox rather than a larger container.

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        Update: Maaza guava juice from Holland - it comes in glass bottles. It's available at the corner bodega on the southside of 22nd street on the east side of 8th ave in Chelsea (open 24 hrs btw). It's fantastic!

      2. GOYA has an excellent guava nectar that comes in both small and big cans, but it has a better one, very hard to find, that comes as a frozen concentrate. I don't know why they keep this so rare. It is sold in Hispanic markets. You might contact GOYA and find a distributor near you.

        1. Ceres Juices (1L cartons) is a South African company which sells their juices in North America, including 100% Guava Juice