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Oct 6, 2006 09:23 PM

[DFW] Southlake - Cheesehound looking for Hoch Y Brig?

Anyone have any idea where to get Hoch Y Brig?

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  1. Your best chance would probably be Central Market. There aren't really any specialty cheese shops around. Maybe an outside chance would be Jimmy's in Dallas, but they mostly have Italian specialties. I usually get cheeses I can't find here online from Artisinal or Murray's.

    1. Thanks for the leads... I didn't think about online ordering for cheese. But these days, I guess you can get anything.
      Thanks Munchie1!!

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        That's what I was gonna suggest too. You could try Eatzi's to see if they have anything, but I doubt it, if CM, or Whole Foods doesn't.