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Oct 6, 2006 09:13 PM

Serbian food festival, Oct 14th (Sat), Moraga

The annual Serbian Food Festival at the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Moraga is next Saturday, the 14th, from 12:30-9pm. I highly recommend it: great food, about $10 a person or so, with music and some entertainment but mostly with Serbian people enjoying great - if buffet-served - food.

My visit from last year:
The flyer from last year:
The information (scarce as it is) for this year:

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  1. Thanks, Merle! I've never been, but my parents went a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.

    1. Haven't been to this one, but did 'Serbian Christmas' (Orthodox Christmas) with my Serbian cousins-in-law down in San Diego last year, and the stuffed cabbage was to die for! Of course, they were all commenting that it was good enough to stave of homesickness but not nearly as good as in the 'old country', which just had me plotting trips to Belgrade!

      Thanks, Merle, I think I will try and make it...

      1. I'm half Croatian. Is there a festival for us? Do the Serbs do Povatica (brown sugar and walnut breakfast roll)?

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          There were rolls with walnuts, but I am not a dessert person, so did not really take notice -- sorry!

        2. Bummer. It was not nearly as good this year. No live music when I got there, the barbecued lamb had been "badly cooked, thrown out, and restarted", and they ran out of goulash less than an hour after opening? There was also a lot of chaos, where people would just stop in the middle of a line and chat, oblivious to everyone around them. I'll try it again next year, but really, between their poor table organization, lack of preparation, and lack of service (15 minutes in a line with six people in it just to get a lousy cup of coffee), I do not know if I will wholeheartedly recommend it next year.

          1. Food was great again this year. Didn't experience any slow lines. Friendly people. Terrific pastries. I agree the sarma & cheese pastry were stand-outs. Prices were very reasonable. The hall was especially pretty this year with the sunflowers. Look forward to next year!