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Can I use waxed paper instead of tin foil?

I am making a paella recipe that needs to bake for one hour covered with tin foil. I am feeling too lazy to go out to buy more but I have waxed paper. Can I cover it with that instead? Other suggestions?

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  1. I wouldn't... it will smoke you out, that's for sure! Waxed paper doesn't really do well in the oven unless it's completely covered by something, like cake batter.

    1. Waxed paper in the oven will smoke.

      I had a cooking instructor once who used Saran wrap when he baked things. He said it was fine as long as you weren't cooking at really high temps, but I haven't tried it.

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        saran wrap doesnt have the same formulation it used to - either way this is bad advice

      2. maybe parchment paper--that's oven proof up to about 450...if you have it on hand?

        1. Why don't you just cover the dish with a lid, or a cookie sheet?

          1. Don't do it! As others have said, it will smoke. I should know as I have set off the smoke detector when I did that.

              1. NO! Wax paper will melt wax into the food. Wax paper is not intended for use with anything other than the gentlest of heat (poaching fish below a simmer for a short time).

                1. if you have a cookie sheet, you might try layering that over the top. - or any other kind of lid.

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                    this is so practical, jen.

                    I use cookie sheets, my corningware plates (pyrex glass), glass or aluminum pie plates and even pyrex glass bowls as "lids" to cooking vessels that don't come with them. Sometimes my stove looks like the kitchen section of a thrift store instead of a work area! But they work!

                  2. No, but if you have a spare disposable tin pie pan you can cut out the center and put that over the pie.

                    1. NO!

                      I just tried this. On the box it says you can bake brownies with it.. so I thought hey that must mean it will be ok to put in the oven.

                      NOPE. Smoke everywhere! Don't do it!

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                        YOu can use waxed paper in the oven - Ive used it my whole cooking life for operations such as lining cake pans, brownie pans etc.Even on the edge it doesnt burn. but I wouldnt risk it out in the open on the top of a dish.

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                          The parafin melts, and gets into foods. You body cannot digest or eliminate it well. Foil is best choice.

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                            when you peel it off the bottom of cake layer the wax stays on paper and pulls off a thin layer of crumbs. my mom used to always do that but I have gotten away from it. I seldom sift either which she always did.