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Delivery in Park Slope

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what do recommend for comfort food or asian???

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    1. chip shop / curry shop!
      yamato for sushi
      red hot for chinese - get the sesame dumplings (totally tastes like peanut sauce to me but i like it)

      1. I like Kiku's sushi and Tofu on 7th for Chinese.

        1. i'm a big fan of Mr. Felafel on 7th ave (between 3rd and 4th, i think) and rachels taqueria on 5th ave (between 6th and 7th-ish....?)

          1. Whenever I have a cold I order the chicken soup from Los Pollitos. You might have to nuke it a little if you like it really hot, but it is great and they will deliver even if you roder just the soup!

            1. Hunan Delight on 6th and Union is some of the best simple Chinese I've had, especially the veggie options.

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                I wholeheartedly second Hunan Delight. We especially like the steamed chicken dumplings (the dough is silky, thin and delicate and the stuffing is pleasantly gingery) and the chinese broccoli with garlic (sauce is light and delicate, again).