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Oct 6, 2006 08:37 PM

Delivery in Park Slope

what do recommend for comfort food or asian???

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    1. chip shop / curry shop!
      yamato for sushi
      red hot for chinese - get the sesame dumplings (totally tastes like peanut sauce to me but i like it)

      1. I like Kiku's sushi and Tofu on 7th for Chinese.

        1. i'm a big fan of Mr. Felafel on 7th ave (between 3rd and 4th, i think) and rachels taqueria on 5th ave (between 6th and 7th-ish....?)

          1. Whenever I have a cold I order the chicken soup from Los Pollitos. You might have to nuke it a little if you like it really hot, but it is great and they will deliver even if you roder just the soup!