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Oct 6, 2006 08:29 PM

Applewood Inn or River's End?

Staying in Jenner this weekend (2nd time). Hoping to have a nice Saturday night dinner. Saw rec's for Applewood Inn in Guerneville and River's End in Jenner.

Anyone been to both recently and can say which has the better food?? View from the restaurant is not a priority.


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  1. The River's End is solid and great if you are staying right in Jenner. We stay at the Jenner Inn at least once a year, and we like our wine, especially on these weekends, so being able to walk to and from dinner is worth sacrificing what might be a better meal at Applewood.

    1. Yup, staying at the Jenner Inn. Walking, instead of driving, after wine drinking is definitely a very good idea. Thanks, Grubbjunkie!

      1. Here's a link to brian j's report on Sizzling Tandoor in Jenner if you need another meal.

        1. We ended up having a very nice dinner at the River's End. It was a moderate but welcome walk to/from the Jenner Inn - we brought flashlights since it was dark and there's no sidewalk for traffic safety.

          The beet salad with marscapone cheese and macademia nuts was visually impressive, mildly sweet, perhaps overly chilled, but not exactly bursting with flavor. Maybe the dish needed some salt.

          The halibut entree with "forbidden" black (wild?) rice, served with string beans, zucchini... quite good.

          The "mixed grill" entree of filet mignon and lambchops was excellent. The beef was very tender, the lamb less tender but flavorful, and the potatoes and veggies and gravy were all very good.

          We rounded out the meal with the chocolate ice cream dessert - smooth and not overly sweet.

          Service was friendly although they were quite busy for a Saturday night.

          We actually stopped by an hour and a half early to watch the sunset there - definitely recommended given their vantage point over the shoreline.

          Thanks for the recommendations to River's End!!!

          We did not have time to try Sizzling Tandoor, nor Applewood. Maybe next time.

          Also, another thumbs up for simple accomodations with a great river view at the Jenner Inn.

          1. Glad you had a good time. Your meal sounds similar to our earlier experiences - nothing earth shattering, just consistently good, solid food without much pretense or over-reaching.