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Oct 6, 2006 07:58 PM

Breakfast/lunch near Corte Madera?

Just got a call from a woman about a horse and have to go to Corte Madera tomorrow AM. Any recommendations there or very nearby?

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  1. I eat at Pizzeria Picco almost every time I'm in Marin and Larkspur is just one town over from Corte Madera. The pepperoni and sausage pizza followed by a cup of Strauss soft serve with EVOO and maldon salt is always delicious.

    Their website is down, so here's the bunrab review:

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      Thanks, that looks like a winner. From what I've read there is nothing in CM. For what I seek, I often have to go to the boonies.

    2. Are you looking for breakfast or lunch? Picco isn't open in the morning. If you wanted an easy on/off the freeway, there's a Bay Bread Boulangerie in the Strawberry Shopping center in Marin. They have an easy on/off. They have French toast and quiche-like stuff. If you are coming from the East Bay over the bridge, there's Hidden City just before you cross, but probably with bridge repair, you want to get over the bridge first.

      There is the mothership for Emporio Rulli in Downtown Larkspur. Does anyone know if Corte Madera Cafe is still open? It has been years since I ate there but liked it. If it is still there, is it any good? There's some stuff up on Sir Francis Drake if that's not too far out of the way.

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      1. Yep. starting today through the end of the month. West-bound.

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          Pardon my ignorance, but is it completely closed or still passable? Weren't they working on the east-bound lanes over a year ago? Please tell me I won't have to go to Corte Madera by way of the Golden Gate.

          1. re: chocolatetartguy

            It is slow not impassable. East bound was being worked on earlier this week. They will switch to west bound probably on Saturday night. They are paving it.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. In Larkspur, Easy Street Cafe is good for breakfast.

          1. For lunch, there's an Il Fornaio at the north end of the Corte Madera Town Center shopping mall on the west side of 101. On a good day you can eat outside, which is nice.