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Oct 6, 2006 07:41 PM

banh mi- where to get?

i've had some TASTY and CHEAP banh mi from the saigon sandwich shop on washington st. in downtown crossing, and i'd love to find another place to get them. any suggestions? i'm guessing there are a few places on dot. ave. in dorchester that are probably good bets, as well as maybe the super 88 food court in allston. anywhere else? i'm in chelsea, so north-ish of the city is ideal.


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  1. The new search engine works really well. Lots of posts about Banh mi in Boston, although few of them recent.

    My favorite is found at Mix Bakery (aka Mei Sum Bakery) in Chinatown, 40 Beach St.

    1. Me too! And the ones at Super 88 Food Court(Allston) are very good. Ba Le Bakery, on Dot Ave, does the best.

      1. just went to ba le in dorchester this weekend, and it was pretty good! i have to say that i like the saigon sandwich's banh mi better, i think. maybe they're a little less 'authentic'- tuned to more american tastebuds- but i like that they have tofu as a filler. ba le only had pork and beef that day, and included some mysterious chewy noodles in the sandwiches, which ended up all over my shirt because they were so unwieldy!

        i know there's a vietnamese population in chelsea, but have only seen a pho shop, which is on broadway. anyone know of a banh mi shop nearby?

        1. Wow, if you go to Ba Le on the weekend, you can get faux meats; chicken, beef, duck, etc as a filler for your sandwich if you ask.